Feedback for Carp and Hazeldean

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Carp and Hazeldean Traffic Light Update

Last December, my office conducted a survey requesting input from residents on their preferred options for intersection improvements at Carp and Hazeldean. Residents were presented options for either:

  • An Eastbound Hazeldean advance left traffic light
  • Northbound (new) and Southbound (existing) simultaneous advance left traffic lights
  • Both
  • Neither / No changes

At the time, I advised residents that traffic staff did not recommend changes to the intersection as doing so could result in potentially longer wait delays or create new unforeseen problems and increased collisions.

These results were passed along to staff who have further analyzed the intersection and provided additional information regarding how the potential changes are likely to impact the intersection. These results can be easily accessed in chart form by clicking here.

Now, I am encouraging residents to review the chart and email me with any additional feedback they may have based on the information provided. Please contact me at or use the contact form at

Thank you for your engagement.