Wild Parsnip Spraying Program: Park Update

As of Friday June 16th the following areas in Stittsville have been treated by the City’s Wild Parsnip Spraying Program:


– The Iber Road stormwater pond

– The Jackson Trails stormwater pond

– The portion of Poole Creek that runs through the Fairwinds Community

Please refer to the following 2017 Parkland Spray Location document for more information. In addition, should residents notice wild parsnip in other areas of Stittsville I would encourage them to report it to #3-1-1 or 311@ottawa.ca.

A Moment of Reflection

This past week the community experienced a very sad tragedy when the lives of two youth were lost in a car accident just outside of Stittsville. I know I speak for myself and on behalf of all residents when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families.


When a tragedy such as this occurs, it can impact many in the community. For tips on grief and speaking with your children about this event, please visit the following Ottawa Public Health resource: http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/public-health/healthy-living/mental-and-emotional-health#responding-stressful-events

Councillor’s View – The Urban Forest Management Plan

Dear Residents,


On Tuesday, June 20th, the City’s Environment and Climate Protection Committee approved the Urban Forest Management plan (UNFP) staff report, in response to community demand for a more strategic approach to urban forest management. The report/plan will be discussed at the City Council meeting on June 28th.


The Urban Forest Management Plan is a 20-year strategic plan for growing Ottawa’s urban forest and making it healthier, more diverse and resilient. The plan focuses on working towards sustainability, protecting existing trees, increasing knowledge of the urban forest, expanding community engagement, minimizing risk, fostering resiliency and diversity, managing the urban forest more proactively and providing resources to urban forest management.


One of the 26 recommendations outlined in the plan includes a review of all tree-related by-laws, including the Urban Tree Conservation By-law. Committee received an update on this by-law, which regulates the removal of trees on private land within Ottawa’s urban area.


Here are my comments presented at Environment Committee by Chair Chernushenko.


I am very pleased to see the City is taking initiative with the Urban Forest Management Plan. This is a very important step forward to ensure that the City takes a leadership role in protecting our natural environments. My ward is one of the

faster growing areas in the City and almost all of this development is greenfield development and involves the destruction of the natural environment.


While intensification is necessary to manage urban sprawl, I strongly feel that we also must ensure that work is done in partnership with the land developers to ensure that urban forests are protected. This is a major concern of mine which is also strongly shared in my community. We have witnessed many trees affected by development and I am looking forward to having a policy to solidify the protection of some of the urban forests. This plan provides the greater projection that we as a City need to stand for to ensure there is proper planning in the development of our communities and that we can strive to move away from the bulldozing mental and practice that we experience far too often. We need to find opportunities to work with the development industry to protect and enhance our environment. I look forward to working with staff as this plan moves forward.


I would like to thank the Environment Committee for all of their work on this item which will help to keep Ottawa green for many years to come! For more information, please visit http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/water-and-environment/trees-and-community-forests



Next Phases for Blackstone Development Proposed

The City of Ottawa has received applications for a Draft Plan of Subdivision, as well as a Zoning By-law Amendment to permit the construction of the next phases of the Blackstone subdivision.   The subject lands are located in the southeast corner of the Fernbank Community and are approximately 42.5 hectares in size and are currently vacant with some vegetation and trees.


Mattamy Homes and Cardel Homes proposed to develop the subject lands with approximately 950 residential dwellings. The plan of subdivision proposes approximately 425 lots for detached dwellings and 27 blocks for townhouses. The townhouses are primarily located along the future collector streets and in the southerly portion of the subdivision, close to Fernbank Road. One high density block for condominium apartments or stacked units is proposed at the southeast corner of Fernbank Road and Rouncey Road.

The Blackstone development will incorporate a number of open space amenities including, two 1-hectare parks hectare parks, one of the southwest corner of the site and one in the southeast. Pathway blocks will provide connections to the Monahan Drain, the parks, and the two school sites. A stormwater management block will be located in the northeast corner of the site, immediately south of the Monahan Drain. An Ottawa Carleton District School Board elementary school site is proposed at the southwest corner of Cope Drive and Rouncey Road, and an Ottawa Catholic School Board high school site is proposed at the southeast corner of the subdivision, adjacent to the existing commercial development.


The proposed street network is based on the Fernbank Community Design Plan. Through the subdivision Cope Drive, Tapadero Avenue, and Rouncey Road will be extended. A roundabout will be located at the intersection of Cope Drive and Rouncey Road.


I am pleased to see these next phases of development proposed as it includes additional amenities that will be beneficial to the community including the extension of Cope Road, a safer pedestrian access for area residents to access the commercial shopping area, additional parks and pathways as well as some proposed schools.


To provide comments by July 14 or for questions please contact my office and City Planner Kathy Rygus at Kathy.Rygus@ottawa.ca or 613-580-2424 x28318.  A public meeting will also be held at a later date which will also provide another opportunity for the public to provide input as well.


Application Summary

Plan of Subdivision

Planning Rational

Transportation Impact Study


For additional planning documents regarding the application please visit here.

Upgrade to Carp Rd Park and Ride

Both Councillor Scott Moffatt and I are happy to announce that the existing Carp Rd Park and Ride facility will soon be receiving an upgraded paved surface.


This will hopefully allow for an improved customer experience, by eliminating mud and puddles while delineating accessibility and other spaces with pavement markings.


The number of parking spots will also be increased, from approximately 115 spaces to approximately 150 spaces.


This is great news as we know that many residents rely on this Park and Ride for service and the increased number of spaces will help to accommodate demand.


Our offices have been made aware of the recent thefts that have occurred at this location as well as the demand for cameras. Please note that we are looking into the possibility of adding security cameras to this location. While unfortunately, at this time, cameras are not planned as part of these upgrades, we will continue investigating the feasibility of adding these and will share updates with the community as they come.


Thanks to all residents who raised concerns with my office as well as Councillor Moffatt’s office.


As always, we welcome your feedback on OC Transpo and encourage you to report concerns with service to me and OC Transpo.

“Welcome to Stittsville Sign” and Flag Raising Ceremony

I am happy to share that my office in coordination with the owners of the Hazeldean Gardens Retirement Residence, and the Kavanagh family (owners of the former landmark Stittsville Flea Market) are presenting an exciting new contribution to the community taking place June 24th from 12:30-2:00 PM.


A number of enhancements will be revealed in the unused green City space located at the intersection of Hazeldean Road and Stittsville Main Street– at no cost to taxpayers. These enhancements include the construction of a 40-foot flag pole to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary, and the installation of a new, bilingual Welcome to Stittsville sign.


My office and the owners of the Hazeldean Gardens both felt that this was a great initiative to demonstrate Canadian pride particularly with this year’s sesquicentennial celebrations in full swing. I suggested that a Canadian flag integrated at the center of our community would be a welcome addition to Stitsville; this idea progressed when the developers offered to install the flag pole in the available green space.


An RCMP officer will be present and BeaverTails Ottawa is supporting the event by providing free BeaverTail pastries to those in attendance.


I would like to thank both the Hazeldean Gardens as well as the Kavanagh family for supporting these welcome contributions to our community. The Hazeldean Gardens Retirement Residence looks forward to their grand opening in 2018.


I would also like to thank Margaret Farr for the suggestion to update the Stittsville sign as part of this project, as well as the Stittsville-Goulbourn Horticultural Society for their continued upkeep and maintenance of the flower beds beneath the sign.


I hope that many residents are available to make it out as we “fly our flag” just in time for Canada Day! Please join us for this special occasion.




Sunflower Planting and Building Insect Hotel

Stop by the Jo Jo’s Community Garden this Saturday, June 24th where Stittsville youth are invited to come out and plant a sunflower of their own and participate in building a new Insect Hotel.


Seeds will be available and a prize will be awarded to the youth who grows the biggest sunflower this fall. $100 of the Insect Hotel was sponsored by the Stittsville-Goulbourn Horticultural Society. Building the hotel will be an educational treat for kids to learn about how a community can assist with protecting insect populations, as well as learning about pollinating gardens and their benefits. The Community Garden is located at 1573 Stittsville Main Street and the festivities will run from 10:00-12:00 on June 24th. The event is free but kids are asked to gather pine cones, twigs, tree bark, hollow plant stems, and any natural material they would like to use in the hotel.  I hope that many residents are able to make it out for this fun agricultural experience!


For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/464143603936266/

Walking Tour of the Stittsville Historic District

I would like to thank Heritage Ottawa for providing this unique opportunity for residents to explore Stittsville’s History on a walking tour.


Stittsville, settled in the early 1820’s and rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1870 razed the village, has a designated historic section on its main street.  The tour will look at some of the late 19th and early 20th century houses and businesses within this area, and tell the stories of some of its inhabitants. The history of Stittsville also includes a significant railway story.  Part of the Heritage Ottawa summer walking tour series.


The event will be led by Barbara Bottriell, the former president of the Goulbourn Township Historical Society, and author of “Stittsville: A Sense of Place”, and recent recipient of the Stittsville Appreciation Awards Roger Griffiths Memorial Citizen of the Year.


The walk will take place Sunday, June 25th from 2:00-3:30 PM and participants can meet at the Municipal Parking Lot adjacent to the house at 1536 Stittsville Main St. Admission price for members of Heritage Ottawa is $5 and for non-members, $10 (payable in cash at the start of the tour).

The tour will look at some of the late 19th and early 20th century houses and businesses within this area, and tell the stories of some of its inhabitants.


I encourage residents with an interest in history to come out and learn more about our fascinating community. Thank you to Heritage Ottawa and the Goulbourn Township Historical Society for assisting in this tour.


For more information, please contact info@heritageottawa.org and/or info@goulbournhistoricalsociety.org, or visit https://heritageottawa.org and/or https://goulbournhistoricalsociety.org/stittsville.


Stittsville Sanitary Sewer Clean-up Update

I wanted to provide a quick update on the sanitary sewer cleaning work that has been taking place over this past month.

I am happy to share that I received word from the public works department that the annual sanitary sewer cleaning in Stittsville is now complete. This work included all of the streets on the following maintenance schedules: May 23, May 29, June 5, June 12 and June 19.

For more information related to the wastewater collection system and ‎system cleaning, please visit http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/water-and-environment/wastewater-and-sewers/wastewater-collection-and-treatment.

Kanata West Pump Station and Forcemains, Re: Plans of the detour signage for July

I would like to advise residents that from July 10-21st, Maple Grove Road will be closed from Silver Seven to Huntmar due to continuing Forcemain and Pump Station work.


During this time, I encourage residents to plan their routes in advance and use the image below as reference for recommended detour.


I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Updates will be provided in my weekly newsletter and Twitter account as they come.