Stittsville OC Transpo Open House


I am happy to invite residents to a public information session and open house on March 22nd at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex to discuss OC Transpo service in Stittsville.

The Director of OC Transpo Transit Customer Systems and Planning, Pat Scrimgeour, will be on deck answering customer questions/concerns and providing a short presentation on transit service in suburban wards, including highlights on:

  • Moodie Transitway extension
  • Tunney’s Pasture connections to LRT (Stittsville-specific)
  • Routes 167 and 252 – Describing these new services in the Councillor’s ward
  • Capacity on Stittsville routes
  • Carp Road and Canadian Tire Centre Park & Rides

A representative from OC Transpo Customer Relations will present 5-6 slides on transportation apps, texting 560-560, alerts, and real-time arrivals. Alison Lynch (Stakeholder Relations – O-Train Confederation Line) and David Jones (Stakeholder Relations – Stage 2 LRT) will also be in attendance to do a separate, short presentation on the progress of the LRT and two staff members from Service Planning will be on hand to assist with any questions and to collect feedback.


The meeting will take place in Hall A at the GRC (1500 Shea Road) and will run from approximately 6:30-9:00 PM.

Residents are asked to RSVP by email to me at or visit

I highly encourage all residents with an interest in the upcoming transit changes to stop by and learn more about what OC Transpo has in store for Stittsville! I hope to see you there!

Bryanston Gate Park Update

Park image

Thank you to everyone who provided comments on the plans for the park improvements at Bryanston Gate Park.


The concept includes new structures and playground features to replace the existing structures and adding new, updated play elements to the park. The two bay swing will be updated to include an accessible swing, bucket swing and two belt swings. New accessible wood fibre fall surface (woodchips) will replace sand, meeting Canadian Safety Association standards and making the play structures and swings accessible. An additional asphalt pathway and ramps, bench and litter container will complete the project.


The City endeavoured to provide as much play value and variety as possible in the playground area while meeting the new CSA and Accessibility standards.   Working with city staff, we have prioritized the community requests for additional elements adding a new gazebo and also increased the sand play area. I have committed to a contribution of $40,000 from the Ward 6 Cash-in-lieu budget which allows for the addition of a $35,000 gazebo and $5,000 sand play area and sandbox to the project. While the City does not have the sufficient funds to add additional trees, benches and picnic tables to the lifecycle renewal budget, there is the potential the community may wish to fund raise and apply for the City’s Community Partnership Minor Capital Program for additional park improvements.


The plans for the park will be similar to those presented to the community available here.  An updated concept plan will be available in the coming weeks, which I will share in my eNewsletter.  We look forward to improving the park by completing the renewal project this year. If you have any questions or comments please contact the City Planner, Louise Cerveny or myself.

Johnwoods Linear Park Update


The Planning Department has received the revised plan for the Johnwoods Linear Park which will be located between Rosehill Drive and Maple Grove Road on the closed portion of Johnwoods Street.  The revisions to the plans involve additional landscaping and modification of all streetlights to low spillage LED bulbs as per the public comments. I encourage residents to review the plans and the response to public comments.


Work will continue in the Spring on this project with the anticipated completion this summer.  This section of Johnwoods was closed in the Fall as it allowed for preliminary work to take place so in the spring, work can be expedited with the plan to have the pathway completed in the summer. While approvals are still being finalized for the co-ordination of the works for the diversion pipe, I have confirmed with City staff that there are no current delays to the project timeline for the pathway construction.

195 Huntmar Lands Work Continue in Phase 2

The tree permit has been issued for phase 2 of 195 Huntmar Road Development. The map indicates the area of phase 2 as identified with an orange outline.

Tree removal is necessary to accommodate the substantial earthworks (filling/grading/soil loading) required within the on-property portion of the Feedmill Creek flood plain. The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority has approved the earthworks which are expected to start as soon as tree clearing is finished. Access to the site will be off Palladium Drive. Approvals from the Province (species at risk) have been granted. Future permit requests are expected for this development.

I would like to remind residents to please exercise caution and avoid this area.  I know some residents enjoy walking in these parts but please remember all the lands in this area are private property. Thank you.

Committee of Adjustment Application for 12 & 14 Manchester, 6191 & 6195 Abbott W Approved

The Committee of Adjustment has approved the application to demolish the existing dwelling at 12 Manchester and construct four, one-storey detached dwellings, as shown on plans filed with the Committee. As noted on the legal description, the property consists of four full lots on a Plan of Subdivision. The Consent of the Committee is not required to facilitate the construction of the four proposed dwellings. The property is located here and residents in the immediate area of the site have been notified.


For additional information please visit my website here.

10th Annual Stittsville Appreciation Awards – Nominations Open


The deadline is fast approaching for nominations for the 10th Annual Stittsville Appreciation Awards!


It’s easy to show someone in our community your appreciation whether they be a neighbor, a friend, or even a family member! This is your opportunity to bring their special contributions and achievements to light and recognize the excellence that exists within Stittsville!


Nominations must be received by Sunday April 8th!

The Roger Griffiths Memorial Citizen of the Year is awarded to an individual who best exemplifies community involvement and participation. The Senior of the Year is awarded in recognition of a senior citizen who has made a significant and long-standing contribution to our community. The Youth of the Year is presented to an individual who contributes leadership, volunteer service, serves as a peer example, and has overcome personal challenges or responds in an emergency situation. The Business of the Year is awarded to a Stittsville business that has contributed significantly to our quality of life. For further qualifications on these awards, I encourage you to visit my website.


Additionally, this year, a special new award has been added to the mix. Nominate someone who works in Stittsville for “Teacher of the Year”. This award recognizes an outstanding teacher in our community who has helped to make a longstanding impact on the community by leaving a lasting impression on shaping the young minds of Stittsville’s future generation.


Nominate someone in all five categories or as many as you like! The choice is yours!


Winners will be announced at the Appreciation Awards celebrations, which will be held on Tuesday May 17th commencing at 7:00pm at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex.


Nomination forms will be reviewed by a pre-determined selection committee so remember to be as descript as possible in your nomination and don’t leave anything out! Strong applications rely on content so you do not have to be the world’s best writer to show someone your appreciation.


I encourage everyone to fill out the attached nomination form and email it to me at or print the form for either drop off at my ward office in the Goulbourn Recreation Complex or mailed to 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1J1. Please include a detailed, written submission outlining why you are nominating a particular individual or business.

Maps! Maps! Maps!


I wanted to take a moment to highlight a valuable resource available on my website,, should residents be interested in reviewing any maps of Stittsville.


New maps have just been made available this week outlining future planned projects for roads and rapid transit in Stittsville. In addition, maps are available in both printer-friendly sizes or large-scale detail.


There are also maps indicating all of Stittsville’s street designations. These designations help to identify what priority roads receiving plowing in the event of a snowstorm.


The development application map is useful in identifying new developing areas in Stittsville. And another map is available to review dog-friendly areas within the City.


Don’t let yourself be lost for information, just visit:

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to the Grounds Café


This week, I was pleased to join Grace and Robert and the team from the Grounds Café in Stittsville as they celebrated their 2 year anniversary in the community!


Since joining Stittsville, the Grounds Café has become a place for residents to enjoy great food, service, and of course, coffee! Last year, they were one of the many stages for the Ottawa 2017 Stittsville Eats tour where they were able to showcase their fine locale to the rest of Ottawa.


Best wishes for many more years to come!

I Love to Skate!

Last Saturday, March 10th, I was happy to stop by the Canadian Tire Centre to provide welcoming remarks on behalf of Mayor Watson at the “I Love to Skate” wrap-up party hosted by the Ottawa Senators!
The Canadian Tire Jumpstart and Ottawa Senators Foundation’s “I Love To Skate” program provides disadvantaged youth in neighbourhoods across Ottawa with the opportunity to learn how to skate at City of Ottawa outdoor rinks with certified instructors for four weeks beginning in January.


So many children in our community want the chance to skate, but the reality is that not all children have access to equipment, ice time or instruction.


Since the inception of the I Love to Skate program eight years ago, Canadian Tire Jumpstart, the Ottawa Senators Foundation and the City of Ottawa have distributed equipment to and provided skating instruction for more than 4,500 children.


The event celebrated the success and accomplishments of the children who participated in the program and gave them a unique opportunity to apply what they learned through the program and skate on the NHL ice at Canadian Tire Centre.


I would like to send my congratulations to all the youth who participated in the event to show off their new skills! Thank you to the Ottawa Senators, the Ottawa Senators Foundation and Canadian Tire Jumpstart for their generosity in providing such an important program.


To learn more about the program, please watch a video recap of the event at

Researching Your Genealogy with the GTHS

Mark your calendars for March 24th, 2018, when the Goulbourn Township Historical Society will be holding a presentation at the Stittsville Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion entitled, “Researching Your Genealogy” with Marilyn Cottrell. Marilyn will outline the various resources available for use in researching your family history.


The presentation starts at 1:30pm and encourages audience participation.


Marilyn will focus on sources for researching Goulbourn-related genealogy, but the presentation will be of interest to anyone researching family history.


Marilyn herself is a descendant of one of Goulbourn’s original settlers, William Lackey, and other early families.


Everyone is welcome to these free community programs. There are always delicious refreshments provided thanks to our committed members and volunteers.