Proposed Changes to 3 Hour Parking Bylaw on Unsigned Roads


I would like to request residents to participate in a very important online public consultation.


As some of you may know, the City of Ottawa Bylaws indicate a maximum 3-hour parking limit on any unsigned street between 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM. This bylaw is enforced on a complaint basis allowing residents the ability to report parked vehicles which remain parked on the street for long durations of time.


Traffic Services is currently in the process of updating/rewriting the Traffic and Parking By-law and would like your input on this item.


The proposed change would allow vehicles to park for 6 consecutive hours, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekends and statutory holidays. Please note that the 3 hour parking limit on Monday-Friday would remain in effect should the changes move forward. Please click the following link to have your say and for more information:


A phone number, 613-842-3622 has been set-up as an alternative to providing online feedback.


The metrics pulled from the survey will be included in the final report to be tabled at the Transportation Committee on September 6, 2017. Please provide your input before August 22nd.


I hope that all residents take a moment to share their thoughts on this item as street parking is something that affects all residents in Stittsville.

Gatineau and Ottawa mayors announce the mandate and membership of the Joint Transportation Working Group

On May 26, Mayor Jim Watson and Gatineau Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, in conjunction with OC Transpo and Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO), announced the signing of a historic transit agreement between the two cities. In addition to integrating Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) bus routes with the new O-Train Confederation Line, the agreement also provided for the creation of a bilateral working group on long-term interprovincial transportation planning.


Following up on the May 26 announcement, the mayors of Gatineau and Ottawa today announced the mandate and composition of the Working Group, as well as its meeting schedule.


From now on, this new forum will be referred to as the “Joint Transportation Working Group”.


The Working Group’s mandate will be to study and make recommendations on questions related to interprovincial transportation, including transit and active transportation, as well as any transportation infrastructure projects likely to have impacts on both sides of the Ottawa River.


To ensure that this committee carries on the existing spirit of collaboration between Ottawa and Gatineau, the mayors have named ex officio members who are currently driving key transportation files in both cities. These members are:


City of Gatineau:

  1. Mayor of Gatineau (or his designated representative)
  2. Chair of the Société de transport de l’Outaouais
  3. Chair of the Commission des transports
  4. General Manager of the Société de transport de l’Outaouais


City of Ottawa:

  1. Mayor of Ottawa (or his designated representative)
  2. Chair of the Transit Commission
  3. Chair of the Transportation Committee
  4. General Manager of OC Transpo


Additional staff from both cities and transit agencies will join the Working Group depending on the topics under consideration.


The Joint Transportation Working Group will meet at least twice a year; additional meetings may be called as required. Meeting locations will alternate between Gatineau and Ottawa, beginning in early 2018.


Bus Pad Improvements In Stittsville


I am happy to share that a number of bus pads are slated for improvements this summer.


Included in the scope of this project is preparation of the desired bus stop location, including removal of any existing non-standard bus stop facility as needed, and construction of a new asphalt platform and/or concrete shelter pad as per City of Ottawa, OC Transpo, and AODA Accessibility Standards.


A total of 21 bus stop locations will see improvements across the city, 4 of which will be within Stittsville. These are located at:





OC Transpo Stop Number Location


This is great news for residents who make use of OC Transpo service at these bus stops. As more updates arise in regards to timelines, I will be happy to share that information in my newsletter.


For a full list of bus pad’s receiving improvements, please click here. For more information on service improvements, please visit

City of Ottawa secures funding for Stage 2 LRT


Today at the Belfast Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility, I was pleased to join Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli, Mayor Jim Watson, and my councillor colleagues where the Government of Canada announced its financial support for the Stage 2 LRT project.


The federal government has pledged to contribute up to $1.09 billion in total eligible costs to Stage 2 through their long term plan, Investing in Canada. This is in addition to the over $67 million the federal government committed to Stage 2 through the first phase of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund last year.


These funds, in addition to the $1 billion plus 50 per cent of the cost associated with extending the O-Train system to the Ottawa airport and from Place d’Orléans to Trim already promised by MPP Chiarelli and the Province Ontario, is an integral step to ensuring that Stage 2 LRT will officially be moving forward.


The remainder of the LRT costs, approximately $1 billion, will be covered by the City of Ottawa as part of our committed portion to the project.


Once complete, Stage 2 will bring 70 per cent of Ottawa residents within five kilometers of efficient, clean and reliable rail service with the capability of carrying an estimated 24,000 riders per hour per direction during peak periods. The complete O-Train system will span nearly 60 kilometres and include 41 stations.


I am thrilled to share this news with all residents as it means that LRT will be taking one step closer to Stittsville where the Stage 3 hub is currently planned for.


I would like to thank Prime Minister Trudeau and the members of the Ottawa caucus in the federal government for this investment in Canada’s capital region. I would also like to pass along my thanks to MPP Chiarelli and local provincial caucus members for their contributions to local infrastructure. Finally, I would like to thank Mayor Watson and my colleagues along with our municipal transportation staff for all of their hard work in making these efforts a reality.


#getreadyforrail, Ottawa!

OC Transpo Summer Service Changes


OC Transpo has provided an overview of the Summer 2017 transit service changes that will start on Sunday, June 25.


These changes are part of OC Transpo’s regular schedule adjustments, which take place four times a year – April, June, September and December.


The summer service changes include two types of modifications:

  • Service adjustments as part of the transition to the 2018 Network; and,
  • Other service adjustments.


Modifications to the OC Transpo’s transit system will be made in several phases in preparation for the opening of the O-Train Confederation Line in 2018. The modifications are intended to help ease the changes that will be experienced by customers once the Confederation Line is launched.


As with the renumbering of the 96 to the 61 and the 93 to the 62 in April, new route numbers that are consistent with the Bus Service Identification report received by the Transit Commission in June 2016 will continue to be introduced in phases.


The following table lists the route number changes that will be made this summer as part of the continuing roll-out of the new route numbering plan. As new route numbers are introduced, they will be categorized into the new service types, with each service type having its own distinctive colour and symbol that provides information on the service offered.


Other Service Adjustments

Hurdman Station

Service at Hurdman Station will be relocated from the temporary bus loop at the east side of the station to the new bus platform, adjacent to the platforms for the O-Train Confederation Line.


New service in Barrhaven

New Route 179 will provide peak-period service for the new office and retail locations at CitiGate, west of Strandherd. Current Route 170 will be extended to serve the CitiGate development and to better serve residential areas along Maravista Drive and Kennevale Drive between Cedarview Road and Strandherd Drive. The rush hour trips to/from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency location on Fallowfield Road will be provided by new Route 179 instead of Route 170.


Free service on Canada Day

Transit is the best option for travelling to Canada Day festivities downtown and across the city with free service all day on OC Transpo and Para Transpo. A special schedule will operate on July 1, with additional service during the day and after the fireworks.


Paper passes are being discontinued

June is the last month for Adult paper passes. Starting in July, adult passes must be purchased on Presto. July will be the last month for senior and community paper passes. Customers can visit an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre or City of Ottawa Client Service Centre to purchase their Presto card. Customers can also go online at or call 1-877-378-6123 to order their Presto card. Visit for more information.

STEP to focus on Pedestrian Safety and Construction Zones During June


For the month of June, the Ottawa Police Service and Gatineau Police Service’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (S.T.E.P.) will be paying close attention to pedestrian safety and construction zones during the month of June.

1709 traffic collisions, 1843 injuries, and 34 fatalities occurred between 2011 and 2015 involving pedestrians.

Likewise, there have been 1019 collisions involving construction zones. These collisions resulted in 214 injuries and 1 fatality. Causes of these collisions included defective brakes, steering, tires, lights, engine controls, trailer hitches, suspension, as well as obscured vision.

The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program helps to raise awareness of easily preventable traffic violations to help to keep our roads safe.

It operates in coordination with the Safer Roads Ottawa Program, a partnership between Ottawa Fire Services, Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Public Health and the Transportation Services Department, committed to preventing or eliminating road deaths and serious injuries for all people in the City of Ottawa, through culture change, community engagement, and development of a sustainable safe transportation environment.

O-Train Service Adjustment – Carleton Spring Switch/Preventative Maintenance


From Saturday, June 17, until Friday, June 30, Trillium Line service will be temporarily replaced by Route 107 bus service in order to facilitate planned maintenance activities, including the replacement of Carleton Station’s track switches and other associated equipment. This work is being performed over the summer when ridership is lowest in order to minimize the impact to OC Transpo customers.


As part of these efforts, Carleton Station’s siding spring switch will be replaced with new powered switches. This project helps set the stage for work required as part of the Trillium Line extension in Stage 2 of the City’s light rail transit plan, and is funded in part by the Federal and Provincial governments through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund. This work will help enhance reliability of the system and standardize infrastructure along the Trillium Line.


During the temporary service adjustments, bus Route 107 will provide service parallel to the Trillium Line and will operate every 15 minutes. In addition to Route 107, there may be other bus route options that work better for some customers. Customers are encouraged to call 613-741-4390, visit or use for travel planning assistance. Schedules are available by calling 613-560-1000 or texting 560560 plus the bus stop number.

Councillor’s View – Kanata Extension LRT EA Open House Recap


Dear Residents,


Last night, June 5th, I had the pleasure of attending the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Kanata Extension Environmental Assessment Open House.


The event was well attended with over 100 participants from within the west-end communities and it was great to see residents so engaged and asking questions for such an important topic to the future of Stittsville.

The meeting discussed potential options regarding the future of the LRT extension from Moodie to Palladium through Kanata and requested feedback from community members on their thoughts.

A total of 13 potential corridors were identified, including locations north, south and central to Highway 417. All options are compatible with proposed extension of LRT to Moodie (Stage 2) and each option presented Palladium as the location for the western terminus (as per the City’s Transportation Master Plan). The high density development potential for this area makes Palladium an ideal location for the line to end despite the uncertainty of what will become of the Canadian Tire Centre.

Ideally, I would like to see the rail continue one step further and see the line extended closer to Maple Grove to better serve the residents of Stittsville – even though this is not part of the LRT network as currently depicted in the Transportation Master Plan.

The presentation outline and boards listing provide a complete overview of the considerations for all 13 options.


I am pleased to report that Corridor 8 is the recommended option going forward as there are a number of benefits to this option:

  • It is centrally located for Kanata and runs along the northern edge of Highway 417 and provides a strong spine for bus transportation to complement the system
  • Serves residents north and south of the highway and therefore provides good ridership potential
  • Minimal impact on residents living near the line
  • Utilizes existing park and rides (Eagleson, Terry Fox, and Palladium)
  • Has limited affect on the natural environment
  • Please see the Corridor 8 Board for more information on this plan.


In addition to selecting Corridor 8 as the preliminary preferred choice, the City will still further review Corridors 5 and 13 based on initial feedback.

Corridor 5 provides service to Kanata North which does assist by providing access to the employment area in Kanata North but I feel this corridor provides little benefit to Stittsville residents. Additionally, I feel this creates a missed opportunity as the Terry Fox Park and Ride would not be utilized and the corridor has greater negative impacts as well including natural environment impact, complexity, and capital & operational costs.


Corridor 13 provides greater service to Kanata South as well as Stittsville, however, this option runs along the Trans Canada Trail (TCT). I feel this will be create problems and change the nature of the corridor, and as such, the majority of residents would not support LRT in the TCT.


City staff and the consultants provided an excellent overview of all the corridors considered.  The next step in the process is for a further analysis of corridors 5, 8 and 13. A second open house will be held in the Fall with more information.

Right now it is important that residents provide their comments by June 23, 2017. It is important that Stittsville residents are heard. If you support Corridor 8 and think the terminus should be south of Pallidum to provide a greater connection to Stittsville or have other ideas, please send them to the City.

Residents can provide comments by June 23, 2017 to:


Angela Taylor

Senior Project Engineer, Transportation Planning

613-580-2424 Ext. 15210


I would like to thank all residents who took the time to come out to the event and I encourage all residents to provide their thoughts on what is certain to be a developmental decision which affects Stittsville for many generations to come. Thank you for your engagement.



Kanata LRT Extension EA Study Open House


I would like to advise residents that an Open House regarding the Kanata Light Rail Transit (LRT) Environmental Assessment (EA) Study will be held on Monday June 5th. The Open House will take place from 5:30-8:30 PM, with a presentation at 6:30PM at the Kanata Recreation Complex, Hall A (100 Charlie Rogers Way).

An EA is conducted prior to all large projects within the City of Ottawa to ensure that the area being built or developed on will not be negatively impacted by the construction.  This future extension of the LRT will connect from the Western Moodie Extension and will travel north of Highway 417 in Kanata and then will end at the Canadian Tire Centre in Stittsville.   While the majority of this route will be located in Kanata it is important to note it will bring benefits to Stittsville and also the surrounding communities of West Carlton and Rideau-Goulbourn.   The west end Councillors have been working together on ensuring that the project timelines can be pushed forward to provide an increased level of transit service that is desperately needed to service Stittsville and our neighboring communities.
I would like to invite all residents to join the discussion regarding this phase of the LRT extension further into the west end including Stittsville.  For more information on this EA please visit here.

Carp at Hazeldean Traffic Inquiries


For some time, I’ve been hearing concerns from residents regarding the intersection at Carp Road and Hazeldean. Many residents feel as though an advance left turn signal needs to be implemented for vehicles turning eastbound from Hazeldean onto Carp Road. This has been a major discussion for at least two years with traffic staff and I am happy to supply residents with further information on the matter.


Having discussed this concern with the City’s Traffic Department, in Fall 2016 Traffic Staff conducted a review on 12 hours of video footage of the intersection during morning rush-hour over a two-month period. The footage concludes that while eastbound traffic turning left from Hazeldean onto Carp Road (toward the 417) is high, it does not spill out of the left-turn storage lane. Secondly, there is a very low volume of westbound traffic on Hazeldean Road to interfere with eastbound drivers turning left. Overall, traffic staff concluded that eastbound left-turn vehicles experienced an excellent level of service, and therefore did not recommend that any traffic signal changes be made at this time.


Traffic staff also took time to review suggestions to create a dedicated right turn lane at this intersection as drivers in the northbound curbside lane are often not expected to continue straight through the intersection. However, as analysis has shown that this would nearly double the northbound straight through queue length during all periods of the day, this was not recommended.

I appreciate residents reaching out to my office with their concerns regarding the intersection, and encourage residents to contact my office by emailing me at or by phoning me at 613-580-2476 should they have any further questions or concerns.