Wyldewood Park Play Structure Poll Results

The results are in!

With a majority of 66% of your votes, the community has decided on the Wyldewood Park Play Structure will be Option B – the Nature theme (see image above).

I personally liked both concepts and find the nature theme does go well with the park name.  I support this option going forward and look forward to the next steps for this project.

Tender documention is slated to occur sometime in the fall of this year and tender issue will be around March-April 2017. After that, construction should begin around June of 2017 and open within the month (weather permitting)

As updates arise, I will be providing them to the community in my e-column. Please stay tuned and thank you for participating in this process.

Fernbank Entrance Sign Poll Results

Residents have voted and amongst the four potential Fernbank Entrance Features, 54% of you have selected Option 3 (Option 2 received 21% of the vote, Option 4 received 16% and Option 1 had 9%).

I liked all options and Option 3 certainly stood out for many residents; as such, I approve of this decision.

I would like to thank all residents for taking the time to play a role in this planning process. As updates arise such as final approval and construction timelines, I will be certain to include them within my weekly electronic column. Please stay tuned.

Stittsville Service of the Week – Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society

The Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society is the official garden club of Stittsville, Richmond, Munster and Ashton.

Founded in 1962, they offer programs that include regular monthly meetings (July & August excepted) with special speakers, photography competitions, flower shows, events (i.e. bus tours, garden tours), and an Annual Christmas Pot Luck Supper.

Members of the society have abundant access to:

  • Education about horticulture through meetings, publications, workshops & seminars
  • Beautification of home and community
  • Environmental preservation and restoration
  • Promotion of quality of life through horticulture
  • Support of the provincial Master Gardener program
  • Promoting accessible gardening and gardening therapy
  • Networking

Members come together to share their interest and enthusiasm in gardening. As a volunteer organization, all members have an opportunity to participate in the management and direction of the Society and to participate in the special community projects they sponsor such as the planters in Village Square Park or more recently, the floral arrangements surrounding local businesses.

To find out more about the Stittsville Goulbourn Horticultural Society, please visit their website here.

Renting Public Parks, Splash Pads, and other Facilities

I would like to take a moment to discuss the procedure for properly renting parks from the City.

Oftentimes residents and/or community associations would like to host an event or a birthday party in a City-owned park. While this is a lovely idea to celebrate the fresh air and good weather brought to us with the summer months, it can also lead to problems if another party had the same idea.

By booking the space in advance, you can guarantee the park’s availability for your event. That way if someone is using the space when your party shows up, you can produce the permit and politely ask the other group to move to a different area of the park (and vice versa, so the birthday party is not disrupted by another group who may have booked the area).

For your convenience, I have attached the application form, rental rates, and general information sheet.

You can send your completed form to sports@ottawa.ca or fax it to 613-580-2683. Happy celebrations!

Stittsville Library Re-opens

As of July 15th, the Stittsville branch of the Ottawa Public Library is officially once again open!

The branch was closed from June 17th – July 14th for improvements. Staff worked very hard throughout this process and I would like to thank them for their commitment to ensuring this process was successful.

Now, with the reopening in effect, I would like to invite all residents to stop by and enjoy the new features including radio frequency identification technology and new carpeting.

The branch can be found at 1637 Stittsville Main Street. Visit their website for more information here.