CRT Development Blasting

I have heard from residents regarding the intensity of the blasting currently being undertaken at the CRT development lands at 5786 Fernbank Road. The property for this development is located west of Robert Grant Avenue, north of Fernbank and south of Abbott Street. For more background information, please review a previous update I provided to the community.


I was advised this week from the contractor that the blasting is now anticipated to continue until the end of March. I am concerned that this blasting has been taking much longer than residents were originally advised. As such, I have reported these concerns to the City and they are investigating the matter further.


The contractors, DST, have advised that they currently have three seismographs around the construction site to measure the blast-induced vibrations. All blasting vibrations have been well below the allowable limit and/or threshold for the possibility of causing any cosmetic cracking in drywall, concrete, etc. It is DST’s understanding that the blasting contractor is currently working near the Jean Paul II School/Talltree Crescent area hence the reason why residents in this area are feeling stronger vibrations than usual. DST expresses its sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and wishes to extend its appreciation for your patience in advance.


If residents have concerns with the blasting operations please feel free to contact my office and Anas Saleh, Project Manager, DST Consulting Engineers Inc. at 613-748-1415 ext 238 or If residents are concerned with damage to their properties due to the blasting, they can contact the above individual or submit a claim through the City.  For more information on the City’s claim process, please visit here.

Poole Creek Village Blasting

Tartan Homes has advised that their contractor will commence blasting activity in the Poole Creek Phase 3 subdivision next week. The blasting is required for the final servicing phase in the subdivision and is expected to take 6 weeks. Over 70 pre-blast surveys were completed and notice has been provided to all the adjacent homeowners.


The Poole Creek Village development at 5831 Hazeldean Road received draft approval in 2012 (see plan of subdivision for full plan). The lands are located north of Poole Creek/Hazeldean Road and south of Maple Grove Road. It is located in between the Fairwinds and the Fairwinds West subdivision.


If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact my office and you may contact Wayne Kennedy, Franks Drilling and Blasting at 613-561-6443.

Ottawa Next: Beyond 2036


Do you ever wonder what this City will be when two to three million people call Ottawa home?

Can you imagine how everyone will get around, where they will live or work and how climate and new technologies may change the way we do things?

The City of Ottawa is undertaking a planning study to look at what the answers to these questions might be. The study will examine how the City can plan to prosper in the future while being ready to respond to unknown changes.

We want to hear from you on Ottawa’s future as a liveable city. Contribute to the plan for 2036 and beyond by telling us what matters to you. This is a great opportunity for all residents to have their say on what goals and successes Ottawa should be striving for in generations to come! Take a few minutes to answer the questionnaire here.

Blackstone Community Park Plans

The communities of Blackstone and Fernbank Crossing have been patiently waiting for the community park to be constructed in their development and I am pleased to share with residents the proposed plans for this park.

Blackstone Park will be a 3.25-hectare Community Park located at the intersection of Rouncey Road and Groningen Road in Stittsville. The proximity to the Monahan Drain to the south of the park will influence the theme and character of the park by bringing a naturalized area into the park. Landscaped berms will create movement in the park while defining play areas.

In the summer, park amenity features will include a swing set, a sand play area, a sheltered picnic area, a play structure for toddlers and older children, a splash pad, two tennis courts, open play areas, one large soccer field that could be used as two mini-soccer fields, one intermediate size soccer field, an adult fitness area, and a skateboard park.  In the winter, a puddle rink will be created and a larger berm adjacent to the Monahan Drain may be turned into a small sliding hill for younger children. Trees will be planted in the park with a focus on nut and fruit trees to reflect the agricultural heritage of the community.  The concept plan also identifies an area for a possible future community garden.

Blackstone Park Conceptual Design Panel 1

Blackstone Park Conceptual Design Panel 2

The City is encouraging residents to provide their feedback on the proposed plans to:

  • Councillor Shad Qadri at or 613-580-2476
  • City Planner Jennifer Shepherd at or 613-580-2424 ext 13771

For more information, residents are invited to attend the upcoming Stittsville Parks Information Session on February 8th with an Open House from 6:30-8:45pm with a Presentation at 7pm in Hall A at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex at 1500 Shea Road in Stittsville.

Following the public information session, the plans will be posted on the City’s website in bilingual and accessible formats and an official deadline for the comments will be set.


Planning Committee Items of Interest

On January 23, the City’s Planning Committee will consider the following items in or around Stittsville.


Agreement with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority for works in the Upper Poole-Creek Subwatershed



Delegated authority is sought to enter into a financial agreement with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority to undertake work related to the Upper Poole-Creek Subwatershed. When Porter Place subdivision in Stittsville was approved by Council, the developer agreed to contribute financially toward the protection of the watershed, in accordance with a 2000 study of the watershed.


For additional information on this agreement, please visit here and review the report.



Zoning By-law Amendment – 737 Silver Seven Road and 15 Frank Nighbor Place



Approval is sought to rezone 737 Silver Seven Road and 15 Frank Nighbor Place to permit 10 additional uses. The site is under construction with one of four buildings completed. The amendment would permit these uses: animal care establishment, animal hospital, amusement centre, catering establishment, convenience store, instructional facility, place of worship, retail store, retail food store and small batch brewery.


Part Lot Control and Road Opening Applications – Part of 300 Goulbourn Forced Road



Within the Kanata subdivision planned at 300 Goulbourn Forced Road, the developer, KNL Developments, has planned a street network that would bring Solandt Drive to a place where it could eventually cross an existing railway corridor.


For more information, you can view the meeting agenda and access all the reports here.

195 Huntmar Development Meeting Summary

195 Huntmar location map

On January 10, 2018, a public meeting was held to discuss the proposed development at 195 Huntmar, which is located west of Huntmar Drive and south of Highway 417. The site falls within land covered by the Kanata West Concept Plan. The subject property is currently a vacant parcel of land approximately 54 hectares in size with approximately 153 metres of frontage on Huntmar Drive.


At the public meeting, a summary of the proposed development was provided including changes that have been made from the original submission to the City. One of the changes to the plan is the inclusion of an Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) High School site. As I noted at the public meeting, while it is encouraging to see a high school site at this property, there is no guarantee that a school will indeed be built. I have been in contact with the school board regarding this site and they noted this site is in addition to the site in the Fernbank lands currently being held for a public high school.


In the long term, the OCDSB has determined there will be a need for both sites in the area as well as another high school site in Kanata North in the KNL lands. In Stittsville, we have needed a public high school for a very long time. I have been supporting the efforts for a new public high school, however the funding for a new school is provided by the Provincial government. A public high school in Stittsville has been a top priority of the Board as recently as last year; however, the OCDSB has not received the required funding from the province. Once the development is registered (after all approvals), then the school board has 7 years to purchase the site or it is then returned to the developer. This 7-year timeframe has not started for any of the above-mentioned sites.


With the inclusion of a high school in the plans, the district park has been moved to border the school site as this follows the City’s Building Better and Smarter Suburbs initiative to have shared spaces with the schools and parks as much of the peak use times for these facilities are at different times. If the school is not built, then there will be a requirement for more land to be provided for the district park.


It was noted at the meeting that the density of the development has been reduced from the original proposal and the low-rise apartment building was removed. Some residents expressed concern with the current parking situation in Fairwinds and it was noted that this development is proposing longer lot sizes, which will provide longer driveways that can accommodate more vehicles.  In addition, as noted in the City’s Building Better and Smarter Suburbs, there is also direction that townhouse rows be mixed with single homes which provides more opportunity for on-street parking spaces and less congestion on the streets.


For additional information, I encourage residents to review the following information:


195 Huntmar Public Meeting Power Point Presentation

195 Huntmar Revised Concept Plan

Past Councillor’s update with summary plan changes

Pathway and Park Area Connections Kanata West District Park & High School Concept PlanPlease note this is a high level conceptual plan of the shared District Park and School Site and is subject to change.


The City will be reviewing and considering all comments from the meeting and those that have been submitted.


Residents are requested to provide their comments by January 31, 2018 to Louise Sweet at You may also copy me at


Future updates will continue to be provided through my eNewsletter.  If you wish to be included on the notification list for this development please contact Louise Sweet at

195 Huntmar Lands Tree Clearing

I have been advised by City staff that the applicant has adequately rationalized the need for tree removal at 195 Huntmar and a tree permit is expected to be approved within the next two business days for the area highlighted in blue on the Property Location Map (see below).  A partial tree buffer along the eastern boundary will be retained. The permit will allow for the removal of all the trees within the block. An Environmental Impact Statement and Tree Conservation Report was supplied along with supporting geotechnical reports.


Tree removal is necessary to accommodate the substantial earthworks (filling/grading/soil loading) required within the on-property portion of the Feedmill Creek flood plain. Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority has approved the earthworks which are expected to start as soon as tree clearing is finished. Access to the site will be off Palladium Drive. Approvals from the Province (species at risk) have been granted. Future permits requests are expected for this development.


I would like to remind residents to please exercise caution and avoid this area.  I know some residents enjoy walking in these areas but please remember all the lands in this area are private property and there is now some pre-development activities being done on this land.

Committee of Adjustment Applications for Stittsville

The City’s Committee of Adjustment will be considering some planning applications in Stittsville. A meeting open to the public will be held on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, starting at 9:00 a.m. at Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, Main Floor, 101 Centrepointe Drive.


Below is a brief description of the applications in our community and for more information please visit here and scroll down to the meeting.


240 (196) Livery

To consider an Application for Consent to subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land. One parcel will contain a three building condominium development and the other will contain the adjacent stacked townhouse condominium, all of which is currently under construction. This block will continue to be considered one lot for zoning purposes.

5731 and 5745 Holdings Inc. Hazeldean

Further to the Committee’s previous 2017 approval to consider an Application to provide a joint stormwater drainage easement, an access easement and a servicing easement over a portion of their property in favour of the owners of the proposed property to be severed to be known municipally as 5731 Hazeldean Road.


20 Cedarow

To consider an Application to establish an easement over a portion of the property in favour of the owners of the abutting properties known municipally as 5731 and 5745 Hazeldean Road to provide a stormwater drainage easement.

Agreement with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority for works in the Upper Poole-Creek Subwatershed


On January 23, 2018, a report will be coming forward to Planning Committee recommending Council delegate authority to the General Manager, Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department to enter into an agreement for a financial contribution with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority for works related to the Upper Poole-Creek Subwatershed.


In April of 2000, Marshall Macklin Monaghan Limited completed the Upper Poole Creek Subwatershed Study (UPCSWS) on behalf of the Region of Ottawa-Carleton and the Township of Goulbourn. The purpose of the study was to develop a comprehensive understanding of the subwatershed and, based on this, prepare a plan which will allow a healthy ecology to be maintained or strengthened while accommodating planned development.


Porter Place subdivision at 6279 Fernbank Road, located to the north of Fernbank Road and west of Stittsville Main Street in the Stittsville community and within the Upper Poole-Creek Subwatershed. The land has an area of 6.8 hectares.  The approved subdivision contains a total of 149 units and was draft approved by the Ontario Municipal Board on January 5, 2016, and subsequently registered by the City on August 10, 2017.


Through the subdivision approval process, a draft condition was included that stated, “the Owner acknowledges that a financial contribution toward the protection of Poole Creek shall be made in accordance with the Upper Poole Creek Subwatershed Study Final Report if such contribution is necessary.” This condition was suggested by the City and agreed to by the applicant in the event that the Modified Etobicoke Stormwater System was not going to be used in the development, and it was not used.


The City collected this contribution through registration of the subdivision as part of a special charge that was paid by certified cheque.  Staff are proposing to forward $65,076, which will be set out in the agreement, to the MVCA, who will produce a report to review the original objectives of the UPCSWS and provide a work plan to meet the restoration objectives set forth in the UPCSWS. This report will specifically assess the area between West Ridge Drive and the pedestrian bridge located just downstream of Stitsville Main Street in Stittsville.


For more information, the Planning Committee Report will be released to the public on January 16, 2018 on the City’s eAgenda website here.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email.