CPO Public consultations on street violence in Ottawa


Street violence affects us all. On June 28 at the Jim Durrell Recreation Centre, Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) will take the next steps in refreshing the Ottawa Gang Strategy by holding a public consultation forum.


From 2013–16, the Gang Strategy Steering Committee, together with community partners, developed and implemented 12 initiatives to address the problem of street violence. Their four-pillar approach contributed to tangible progress.


As the Strategy is renewed, CPO wants to meet the shifting realities of our streets and communities in Ottawa. To do so, your input is requested. This public consultation will allow CPO to hear from a variety of people across Ottawa to find solutions to street violence.


I would like to invite all resident to join for facilitated discussions that will help CPO to collectively address the problem.


The event will be held from 6:00-8:00 PM on June 28th at the Jim Durrell Recreation Centre (1265 Walkley Rd). Registration is required by emailing cpo@ottawa.ca or by calling 613-580-2424 ex: 25393.

CPO Fraud Alerts and Other Community Safety Articles

Internet Theftcpobutton

The Internet has given criminals a whole new set of tools to commit fraud. With tax season in progress, it is important to remain vigilant so that you do not fall victim


Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) has prepared an article with tips and advice from Staff Sergeant Stephanie Burns with the Ottawa Police Service. You can review the article in its entirety here.


Tips include being cautious of emails from people claiming to be with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), support family and friends who are at risk of fraud attempts, and exercising caution when posed with suspicious communications. I highly encourage all residents to take a moment to review these tips and share them with those they know.


This is just one of a series of bilingual articles prepared by CPO that can be included in your corporate communications. It is CPO’s goal to help you share the information that will help everyone stay safe and build safer neighbourhoods.


To view these and other articles, please visit http://www.crimepreventionottawa.ca/en/get-involved/

CPO Speaker Series


I would like to invite residents to join a special Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) speaker series entitled: A Focus on Family Violence in Canada.


The Chief Public Health Officer’s Report on the State of Public Health in Canada 2016 focused for the first time ever on family violence.  The report, “Public Health in Canada 2016:  A Focus on Family Violence in Canada” outlines the important health consequences of all aspects of violence in the family including partner assault, child abuse and elder abuse.


Family violence is a sad reality that many of us face every day. I highly recommend that any interested residents come to learn more about this important data and be introduced to a new way of thinking, with a health lens, on this important safety issue.


To round out the dialogue, the keynote speaker, Dr. Theresa Tam, Interim Chief Public Health officer, will be followed by some examples of local programming that are reaching out to prevent violence. This local respondent panel includes:

  • Erin Leigh, Executive Director, Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women;
  • Denise Hébert, Manager of Healthy Babies and Healthy Children program, Ottawa Public Health (OPH)
  • Conny Menger, Regional Consultant Eastern Ontario, Elder Abuse Ontario


The event will take place at City Hall (Andrew Haydon Hall), 110 Laurier Ave W on Friday, March 10, 2017 from 9:30 to12:00 noon


To R.S.V.P., please contact Crime Prevention Ottawa at cpo@ottawa.ca or 613-580-2424 ext. 25393.


I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Paint it Up!


Following the success of last year’s Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) outdoor mural painting project, “Paint it Up!” is returning again for 2017 and applications are now being accepted.


Applications will be received until 4:00 PM, Tuesday April 4th for any outdoor mural art projects that supports graffiti prevention, youth empowerment, community safety and the beautification of Ottawa neighbourhoods.

Projects must contribute to a clean, safe and beautiful city by engaging neighbourhoods and youth in a constructive learning process to create murals to prevent or deter graffiti.

This is a fantastic initiative that has resulted in a number of beautiful community murals that youth can feel proud of and I encourage any residents with an inclination for art to submit an application.


For more information about funding, program guidelines and application form, please visit www.crimepreventionottawa.ca.


There will also be two useful information sessions taking place:


Tuesday, March 7

1:30 – 3:00 p.m.

City Hall

110 Laurier Avenue West

2nd  floor Colonel By room

Wednesday, March 8

5:30 – 7 p.m.

Foster Farm Community Centre
1065 Ramsey Crescent

(off Pinecrest Rd)

The Boardroom


To confirm attendance, please RSVP by e-mail: cpo@ottawa.ca  or leave a message at 613-580-2424 ext. 25393.

Refreshing the Ottawa Gang Strategy


As Chair of Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO), I would like to invite residents to fill out a short 10 minute survey on resident’s thoughts surrounding the Ottawa Gang Strategy.

The Ottawa Gang Strategy utilizes a four pillar approach to build new partnerships, improve service delivery, increase awareness of services and enhance cross agency collaboration and service coordination. Those pillars are:

–  Neighbourhood Cohesion
–  Prevention
–  Intervention
–  Enforcement and Suppression.

The year three evaluation found that CPO’s four pillar approach is the right way to address a complex social problem that touches cities across Canada but there is more work to be done.

As the strategy gets renewed, CPO wants to meet the shifting realities of our streets and communities in Ottawa. You can fill out the survey here to make your voice heard.

I would like to thank residents in advance for taking the time to complete this and as always, please do not hesitate to share your ideas with me by emailing me at Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca.

CPO Speaker Series: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Clients: Fraud, Tax Scams and More!


I would like to invite interested residents to an upcoming Crime Prevention Ottawa speaker series: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Clients: Fraud, Tax Scams, and more!


As residents may have experienced themselves, scams occur far too often in the 21st century. With changing technologies, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the varieties of methods scam artists may use to confuse you and gain access to your finances.


This event will help to highlight some of the ways that you can stay informed to protect yourself, your identity, and your wallet.


There will also be informative posters available for pick-up with easy-to-read tips and tricks to avoid scammers.

The event takes place Tuesday, January 31st from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at Andrew Haydon Hall in Ottawa’s City Hall.


Presenters include Judy Bernstein, CODA (Connecting on Disability and Abuse) Co-Chair and  Director of Supports and Services, Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Laurie Alphonse, CODA Co-Chair and Access Infinity Management. As well, keynote speaker Staff Sergeant Stephanie Burns from the Ottawa Police Service will be sharing some insight.


To RSVP, please email Crime Prevention Ottawa at cpo@ottawa.ca or call 613-580-2424 ext. 25393.


For more information, please visit: http://www.crimepreventionottawa.ca.

CPO Community Forum meeting

As Chair of Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) I am pleased to share with you that CPO has just released two important evaluation reports. The reports; Ottawa Gang Strategy—Seeking Solutions to Street-Level Violence: Our First Three Years and  The Evaluation of Crime Prevention Ottawa’s 2014 Community Investments were presented to the Community and Protective Services Committee on Thursday October 20th .

The first report demonstrates that the strategy’s 12 initiatives have contributed to tangible progress on neighbourhood cohesion, prevention, intervention, and suppression and enforcement.

The second report found that CPO-funded projects created greater awareness and education, enhanced strategic partnerships, and provided opportunities for skills development for community groups and stakeholders in Ottawa.

The reports will be presented at the Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) Community Forum taking place Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 from 5:30-7:30 PM at Ottawa City Hall in the Honeywell Room on the 2nd floor.

I would like to invite all residents wishing to remain informed on current and ongoing CPO initiatives to stop by.

For more information on Crime Prevention Ottawa including the full-length technical evaluation of the Ottawa Gang Strategy, please visit their website here.

Crime Prevention Ottawa Presents Gang Strategy Report

On Monday October 3rd I attended the Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) Board meeting in my capacity as Chair of the board where a presentation update was made on the Ottawa Gang Strategy.

The Ottawa Gang Strategy was established to help address the issues related to Ottawa’s gang problem.  From 2013 to present, the Ottawa Gang Strategy offered a roadmap to help the city address gangs and street level violence. This vast partnership—made up of social service agencies, community organizations, police, schools and others—developed and implemented 12 initiatives that addressed the problem from every angle.

Together with partners CPO and the Ottawa Police formed the Ottawa Gang Strategy Steering Committee, each drawing on their expertise, knowledge of the issues, networks, resources and determination to work collectively to address the problem.

The report details the strategy’s outcomes and results measured through an independent evaluation in 2016. While it summarizes what we have achieved in three years, our work on gangs and street level violence continues. The strategy will evolve and change based on our understanding of the issues and the shifting realities in our city.

How effective has the Ottawa Gang Strategy (OGS) been at achieving its objectives? Real progress takes time, and is measured in years. However, when surveyed in 2016, 89% of OGS Steering Committee members felt that the group had accomplished more together than they would have achieved through traditional work structures.

Other findings include:

  • 100% agreed that the initiatives enhanced cross-agency collaboration and service coordination
  • 100% agreed that the OGS and the work of the Steering Committee has added value to community-wide and individual organizations’ efforts to address gang related issues in Ottawa

It has been exciting to watch the Ottawa Gang Strategy unfold and achieve results by addressing the problem of street level violence from every angle. We have worked collectively as a community, each bringing expertise and resources to the table. We have had incredible support from  Mayor Watson and Council. Together, we’re bringing positive change to individuals, families, neighbourhoods and our entire community

The lessons learned through our work and this independent evaluation will lead to the next steps in addressing street level violence in Ottawa. As a group, we will examine our governance model to find better ways to work together for greater impact. We will shift our approach to meet the realities of what we know is happening in the streets and in our communities. We know those realities are constantly shifting and we will continue to focus on creating safer neighbourhoods and environments for everyone in Ottawa.

Crime Prevention Ottawa is an arm’s-length body involving a variety of external organizations with an annual reporting requirement to the City. They publish their meeting materials directly to their own web site http://www.crimepreventionottawa.ca/en/who-we-are/schedule-and-agendas. Further questions may be directed to Nancy Worsfold, Executive Director of Crime Prevention Ottawa.

On behalf of CPO and our Board I would like to thank the Ottawa Police Service and Mayor Watson for their support so that we can continue to engage with residents to educate and create safer communities moving forward.

2016 Community Safety Awards – Call for Nominations

Do you know a community safety leader? Crime Prevention Ottawa is calling for nominations for the 8th annual Community Safety Awards. The awards honour individuals, groups and programs making a contribution to the safety of our community.

Crime prevention leaders represent all ages and walks of life, including volunteers and staff with many different kinds of organizations. They include groups of dedicated individuals working to build community pride or address crime and safety issues in their neighbourhoods.

Nominees are being sought for the following award categories:

  • Leadership Award
  • Business Award
  • Youth Leadership Award
  • Enforcement Professional Award
  • City Employee Award
  • Volunteer Award
  • Volunteer Program Award
  • Community Program Award

The nomination form, criteria and frequently asked questions can be found at: www.crimepreventionottawa.ca The deadline for submissions is October 4th, 2016. Please take the time to recognize a person, group or program that is making a difference by submitting a nomination.

I hope that all residents will take a moment to recommend some community safety leaders for these awards as I have witnessed firsthand the attention and care our community members demonstrate within Stittsville.

The awards ceremony will take place on Monday, November 7th, 2016 at 5 p.m. at Ottawa City Hall.

Summer Safety Articles from Crime Prevention Ottawa

The arrival of June brings with it warmer weather, the end of classes, proms, graduations and other summer party plans. In order to best prepare yourself for the months ahead, a series of bilingual articles prepared by Crime Prevention Ottawa are now available on their website for your reading pleasure.

Topics include:
• Drug advice for parents
• Staying safe from home takeovers
• Creating safer communities
• The dark side of social media
• Neighbours working with neighbours
• Disabilities and abuse
• Reporting crime
• Keeping watch on neighbourhoods
• Recognizing youth potential in your neighbourhood
• Romance Fraud
I hope that this information will help all Stittsville residents to stay safe and build safer neighbourhoods this summer.

To view these and other articles, please visit crimepreventionottawa.ca.