Blasting Concerns

Over the last year, many residents have reached out to my office with concerns regarding blasting in nearby developments. I take these concerns very seriously and have followed up regularly with developers to address them.

On November 23rd, I had the opportunity to sit down with a representative of the Karson Group who have in turn provided this letter to address some of the recent concerns of residents. I would like to thank the Karson Group for their involvement in taking the time to meet with me and take these concerns seriously.

I hope that all residents nearby developing communities take the time to review the contents of this letter. Of course, should you still have concerns regarding blasting in the future, I continue to highly encourage you to reach out to me, your city councillor, by emailing me at

Carp Rd Shoulder-Paving & Carp Road Widening Project


Dear Residents,

I am pleased to share that the City will be paving the shoulders on Carp Road from Kittiwake Drive to Westbrook as of tomorrow, November 17th. This is a project that has been greatly anticipated by residents for some time. Originally, the shoulder-paving project was only planned from Rothbourne to Westbrook but working with the City, I was able to extend the project to start at Kittiwake as the shoulder was needed to be done in this section as well.


While I do understand that many residents have been hoping that Carp Rd would undergo widening in the near future, unfortunately, due to budget constraints, the widening of Carp Rd is not in the foreseeable future until at least 2020. In the meantime, it is my hopes that this project will help to ensure road conditions are maintained at a consistent quality for the benefit of community members who use the road moving forward until that time comes.


Please see below information on the shoulder paving project and on the future Carp Road widening:


Carp Road Shoulder Paving


The City has contracted Tomlinson to pave the shoulders along Carp Road between Kittiwake Drive to Westbrook.   Weather permitting, shoulder paving will start tomorrow, Friday Nov 17th and be completed by end of day Saturday the 18th. Tomlinson plans to start on the west shoulder and work southbound from Westbrook to Kittiwake. Then, from there, they will move to the other side and work back to Westbrook.  Final grading and tie-ins will be completed next week.


Impacts on traffic associated with this grading work will be limited as it can be completed on the shoulder with minimal roadway encroachment. Two lanes will be maintained at all times (one in each direction). Weekday work (tomorrow) will be restricted to off peak hours to limit impacts on traffic. The cost for the shoulder paving work is $130,000.


Carp Road Widening Project

The widening of Carp Road is a major infrastructure project needed for our community.  I know this is a major route for residents and I am continuing to work with the Mayor’s Office and with the City’s Transportation staff to allocate funding for this project. Stittsville is rapidly growing and the City needs to ensure that we have the transportation routes necessary for residents to access Highway 417.


The Environmental Assessment Study for widening Carp Road (Highway 417 to Hazeldean Road) has been completed and the next step is to complete the detail design phase of the project based on the recommended plan established by the EA study.  As we move closer to the implementation time, the City’s Infrastructure Services Department will undertake the detail design work for this project.


The City’s Transportation Master Plan (Council approved document, last updated in 2013), identifies widening of Carp Road as a Phase 2 project which means a tentative timeline of sometime between 2020 and 2025 in the affordable plan. However, I have been advised by City staff that the Development Charge (DC) revenue is not at the level that the City expected and therefore the rate of project implementation has been affected for Phase 1 projects. Consequently, this has a ripple effect on Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects. As the DC revenue situation improves, the City will be able to pick up the pace of implementation in accordance with the available funding.  At this time and over the next several years, the City is still working on Phase 1 projects.


Please note also that the next TMP Update is planned for completion by end of 2021 or early 2022 and will also re-examine where growth is happening, revisit affordability and project priorities.


In Stittsville there is a large amount of growth taking place and we need to widen this road to help accommodate this growth; as such, I am reviewing the matter of the Development Charges further and will continue to push for this project date to be moved up.


More information regarding other planned road projects in the community will be shared with the community in an upcoming edition of my eNewsletter.

Neil Ave Closed for Construction Until December 1st

Please note that as a continuation of the construction work on the Hazeldean Gardens retirement residence, Neil Ave will remain closed until December 1st. Pedestrian and local traffic will be maintained as well as access to all adjacent dwellings.


Construction has now moved out of the Stittsville Main and Hazeldean intersection and will now commence by the sidewalk of Stittsville Main toward Neil Ave. The most recent estimated date for all work to be complete is 3-4 more weeks.


I have confirmed that the construction work along the shoulder of Stittsville Main will not interfere with floats turning from Hazeldean to access the Parade of Lights on December 2nd.  If a crew is working that Saturday, work will be shut down in time to remove any traffic pylons so as to permit normal traffic flow in both directions along Stittsville Main.


Thank you for your patience.


For more information on this work, please click here.

Construction Work at Hazeldean and Stittsville Main

As residents may have noticed, construction work has been well underway for at the corner of Stittsville Main and Hazeldean. This work is being completed to connect the sanitary sewers to the upcoming Hazeldean Gardens retirement residence.


Unfortunately, due to the unforeseen weather and infrastructure issues, the work which was supposed to be completed this week has fallen behind schedule. I have received word from the City’s Traffic Management Inspector that work at the intersection should now be completed by mid-next week. After which time, work will continue to occupy the Southbound lane on Stittsville Main and be moved to the sidewalk near Neil Ave before contractors return to repave portions of Main Street. The current estimate for all work to be completed is 2 weeks.


I apologize for the inconvenience this extended work has been causing some residents and would like to thank you for your patience at this time.

Exercise Caution at Active Development Site at CRT Fernbank Lands near Shea Road Woods


I would like to urge residents to please exercise caution in the area of the CRT Fernbank development lands located at 5786 Fernbank Road. This development site is located west of Robert Grant Avenue, south of the Trans Canada Trail and east of the Shea Road Woods / unofficial dog park area. Due to concern expressed by residents regarding the safety of residents who may be accessing this area I have requested the developer to please install additional signage in the area.


It is important that residents are aware that these lands are still privately owned and are indeed part of an active construction site.  There is currently blasting and tree removal work being done in this area.


For information on the construction taking place please visit my recent update here and for additional information on the development plans please visit here.

Blasting Notice for Fernbank Area

I have received notice that blasting will be underway in the Fernbank area for subdivision construction.  Residents within 150 meters of the site will be receiving a blasting notification letter, and residents that are within 75 meters of the site will also receive a letter offering a pre-blast survey of their homes.


If residents have concerns with the blasting, please feel free to contact my office and you may also contact the following staff with the contractor DST Consulting Engineers:

Sidewalk and Transit Facility Improvements – West Ridge Drive from Adamson Crescent to West Ridge Birchland Park

As a result of concerns raised by my office on behalf of residents, the City of Ottawa will be building a new sidewalk on the west side of West Ridge Drive from Adamson Crescent to approximately 90 meters north of Birchland Crescent along the West Ridge Birchland Park.

The construction of the new sidewalk is to provide a pedestrian connection where there is currently a missing link between the existing sidewalk on the west side of West Ridge Drive and the existing West Ridge Birchland Park pathway. In addition to this, a pedestrian crosswalk across West Ridge at Birchland Crescent will be installed to improve the safety of pedestrians crossing at this location.

Construction is expected to start in October 2017.

I would like to thank all residents who have reached out to me expressing concern for this missing area of sidewalk. While the City’s sidewalk program does have requirements that must be met to prioritize areas across the City to constitute new sidewalks and the completion of existing sidewalks, I did feel as though this area was in urgent need and I am thrilled that this process will be moving forward.


Road Resurfacing

I would like to take a moment to provide notice to residents that road resurfacing will be taking place in parts of Stittsville throughout October.

The project will be staged such that the high traffic intersections that require night work will be done first to benefit from mild evening temperatures. This will be the focus for September and part of October. The locations to be completed under this project are:

Ward Road From To Tentative Start Date Week Of Tentative Completion Date Comments Cyclists Impact Pedestrian Impact Impact on Traffic
6 Carp Rd (paved shoulders only) Westbrook Rd Rothbourne Rd TBD TBD Contract Awarded Low Low Med
6 Abbott St Stittsville Main Intersection 04-Oct-17 10-Oct-17 Tentative Night work Low Low Med
6 Carp @ McCooeye Intersection 05-Oct-17 11-Oct-17 Tentative Night work Low Low Med
6 Hobin @ Renshaw Intersection TBD TBD Contract Awarded Low Low Med


Please note that these dates are tentative and weather dependent. Further updates and more specific dates will be shared in my newsletter as I receive them.

Tree Clearing Underway for Development at South-west Corner of Hazeldean/Iber

Site plan 2015

A tree permit has been approved for the construction of a mixed retail, commercial and office to be located at 5734 and 5754 Hazeldean Road and 2 Iber Road.

Unfortunately, the parking and building layout do not allow for more tree retention.  Approximately 140 trees are scheduled for planting within and surrounding the development. Approximately 117 trees will be removed. 44 trees are to be retained on or adjacent to the developed areas. The tree permit issued for this address is issued under Part II of the Urban Tree Conservation By-law.


Huntington Properties is developer of the site and have advised they are finalization of the leasing and pre-construction plans for the site and will provide more information in the future which I will share with the community.  For background information on this development please visit my website here.