Blasting Notice for Fernbank Area

I have received notice that blasting will be underway in the Fernbank area for subdivision construction.  Residents within 150 meters of the site will be receiving a blasting notification letter, and residents that are within 75 meters of the site will also receive a letter offering a pre-blast survey of their homes.


If residents have concerns with the blasting, please feel free to contact my office and you may also contact the following staff with the contractor DST Consulting Engineers:

Sidewalk and Transit Facility Improvements – West Ridge Drive from Adamson Crescent to West Ridge Birchland Park

As a result of concerns raised by my office on behalf of residents, the City of Ottawa will be building a new sidewalk on the west side of West Ridge Drive from Adamson Crescent to approximately 90 meters north of Birchland Crescent along the West Ridge Birchland Park.

The construction of the new sidewalk is to provide a pedestrian connection where there is currently a missing link between the existing sidewalk on the west side of West Ridge Drive and the existing West Ridge Birchland Park pathway. In addition to this, a pedestrian crosswalk across West Ridge at Birchland Crescent will be installed to improve the safety of pedestrians crossing at this location.

Construction is expected to start in October 2017.

I would like to thank all residents who have reached out to me expressing concern for this missing area of sidewalk. While the City’s sidewalk program does have requirements that must be met to prioritize areas across the City to constitute new sidewalks and the completion of existing sidewalks, I did feel as though this area was in urgent need and I am thrilled that this process will be moving forward.


Road Resurfacing

I would like to take a moment to provide notice to residents that road resurfacing will be taking place in parts of Stittsville throughout October.

The project will be staged such that the high traffic intersections that require night work will be done first to benefit from mild evening temperatures. This will be the focus for September and part of October. The locations to be completed under this project are:

Ward Road From To Tentative Start Date Week Of Tentative Completion Date Comments Cyclists Impact Pedestrian Impact Impact on Traffic
6 Carp Rd (paved shoulders only) Westbrook Rd Rothbourne Rd TBD TBD Contract Awarded Low Low Med
6 Abbott St Stittsville Main Intersection 04-Oct-17 10-Oct-17 Tentative Night work Low Low Med
6 Carp @ McCooeye Intersection 05-Oct-17 11-Oct-17 Tentative Night work Low Low Med
6 Hobin @ Renshaw Intersection TBD TBD Contract Awarded Low Low Med


Please note that these dates are tentative and weather dependent. Further updates and more specific dates will be shared in my newsletter as I receive them.

Tree Clearing Underway for Development at South-west Corner of Hazeldean/Iber

Site plan 2015

A tree permit has been approved for the construction of a mixed retail, commercial and office to be located at 5734 and 5754 Hazeldean Road and 2 Iber Road.

Unfortunately, the parking and building layout do not allow for more tree retention.  Approximately 140 trees are scheduled for planting within and surrounding the development. Approximately 117 trees will be removed. 44 trees are to be retained on or adjacent to the developed areas. The tree permit issued for this address is issued under Part II of the Urban Tree Conservation By-law.


Huntington Properties is developer of the site and have advised they are finalization of the leasing and pre-construction plans for the site and will provide more information in the future which I will share with the community.  For background information on this development please visit my website here.

Kanata West Pump Station and Forcemain Project and Maple Grove Closure – UPDATE

I would like to provide a quick update regarding the ongoing construction work for the Kanata West Pump Station and Forcemain Project Maple Grove Road between Terry Fox Road and Huntmar Road.


As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, the segment between Terry Fox and Silver Seven was reopened last Friday.


However, due to weather, I have been advised that the sewer installation work and subsequent road closure between Silver Seven and Huntmar scheduled for completion July 21st has been extended to August 4th to allow more time for road reinstatement and paving.


I would like to thank affected residents for their patience at this time.


The Contractor will take every precaution necessary to minimize interruptions to residents but as you can appreciate, there may be some inconvenience during the course of the work, such as delays and traffic detours when travelling through the construction zone, noise, dust and vibration.


Signed detours for vehicles and bicyclists will be in place during the duration of the road closure.

Sidewalk Construction on Hazeldean


I would like to update residents on the construction of a sidewalk on Hazeldean to take place later this year.


The overall project involves the construction of a new 2.0m wide asphalt sidewalk along the north side of Hazeldean Road east of Kittiwake Drive. The new sidewalk will connect to the existing sidewalk at the intersection of Hazeldean Road and Kittiwake Drive at the western limit and the existing sidewalk connection from Abaca Way at the eastern limit. The sidewalk will be located behind the existing shoulder and streetlighting within the existing grass boulevard.


Schedule is unknown at this point, but the sidewalk is anticipated to be constructed before the end of 2017. It is noted that while the design is being completed by the City, construction will be undertaken by the Developer of Bulat Court.


For the construction of sidewalk, traffic should not be impacted and therefore no long duration lane closures will be required. Pedestrian access and construction site control will be per the City’s latest requirements.


I will be certain to provide updates in my weekly newsletter on this project as they become available.

Fernbank Rd Culvert Installation

fernbank closure

I would like to advise residents that Fernbank Road will be closed from Shea to Robert Grant between Tuesday, August 8th and Tuesday, August 22nd.


The contractor, Taggart Construction, will be installing a box culvert across the roadway for future storm water management.


Notification signs will be posted in advance of the closure with additional signs posted during the affected period. Local and emergency vehicle access will be maintained.


I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tri-Pole Public Meeting Recap


Last night, I had the pleasure of hosting a community meeting regarding the proposed Tri-Pole installation at 145 Iber Road. The community had the opportunity to voice their questions and concerns to Mr. Eric Belchamber from Shared Network Canada (SNC).


As some of you may know from reading my newsletter from last week, Shared Network Canada is proposing a 50m tri-pole communication tower to be constructed at 145 Iber Road. The tower will be used to offer space to multiple cellular carriers to enhance and support their networks. A small fenced area with a walk-in cabinet will be constructed at the base of the installation.


Mr. Belchamber has asked that any and all feedback regarding the Tri-Pole be sent to my office by May 12th 2017.

Tri-pole at 145 Iber Rd


Shared Network Canada (SNC) is proposing a 50m tri-pole communication tower to be constructed at 145 Iber Rd. The tower will be used to offer space to multiple cellular carriers to enhance and support their networks. A small fenced area with a walk-in cabinet will be constructed at the base of the installation.

A public meeting will be held at the Main Hall of the Goulbourn Recreational Complex (1500 Shea Rd) on Wednesday, April 12th to help answer resident questions and concerns regarding the project.

This meeting structure is as follows:

7:00 to 7:30pm: Open House

7:30 to 8:00pm: Presentation on the project

8:00 to 8:45pm: Q&A

8:45 to 9:00pm: Final wrap up

I highly encourage any residents who live in the area to join this meeting and share their thoughts surrounding the project. I also encourage all residents to review the public notification package for this project in its entirety here.