Come Visit Me at the GRC for a City Chat and Have Your Say in our Planning + Development Poll


At the Stittsville Planning Primer last week, a large amount of information was presented showing the complexity of the planning process.


For a complete picture of the active and pending development applications in Stittsville I encourage you to review the Ward 6 Development Applications Map. You can search the development name or file number on my website or on the City’s Development Application site


I would like to invite residents to join me on Saturday, April 22 from 10am-Noon in the Lobby of the Goulbourn Recreation Complex at 1500 Shea Road for a City Chat on Planning and Development.


My City Chat sessions offer an informal setting where I can speak to residents one-on-one on topics of interest.


I would also like to get a better understanding of what topics are most of interest to Stittsville residents in regards to development. I would like to request that you take 10 seconds out of your day and give your feedback on our Planning and Development Poll available here.


Thank you for keeping involved and I look forward to chatting with residents on April 22.

The Keg Steakhouse Revised Plans


I have received revised plans for the proposed Keg Restaurant located at 15 Huntmar Drive at the northwest corner of the Huntmar Drive and Hazeldean Road intersection. The site is vacant and has an area of 7,360 m2 with 80.17 m of frontage on Huntmar Drive and 72.39 m on Hazeldean Road.  Right in-right-out vehicle accesses are proposed from Huntmar Drive and Hazeldean Road.


I have been advised that the intention is for construction to begin by April 15th with the goal of opening the restaurant by the 30th of November. This is a best estimate and is dependent on finalizing approvals and permits.


Below is a highlight of the changes:


  • The entrance to the building has moved from back of the building to the front and now has direct access to Hazeldean Road.
  • A pedestrian node (with bench) has been added to Hazeldean Road near the entrance of the building.
  • The building footprint and elevation along Hazeldean Road (considered the front) needed to be lengthened to comply with zoning provisions of Arterial Mainstreet Zone, which requires a minimum of 50% of the lot width within 3 metres of the front lot line, to be occupied by building walls. This change also resulted in a reconfiguration of the patio. The applicant considered moving the patio to the corner of Hazeldean and Huntmar but opted not to due to noise concerns impacting the dining experience and operational issues.
  • Additional windows (glazing) have been added along Hazeldean.
  • There have been a minor reconfiguration of parking area.
  • Extra accessible parking spaces have been added near the door along with a drop off area
  • Additional landscaping has been added within parking area and abutting building.
  • Street trees have been added to Huntmar Drive right-of-way.

Please click below for:

Revised Site Plan

Revised Landscape Plan

Revised Elevations

For more information please contact my office and City Planner Mike Schmidt at or 613-580-2424 x13431.

Revised Plans for Automotive Dealership at 5835 Hazeldean Road


The City of Ottawa has received a revised Site Plan submission for their proposal to construct a new one-storey building with mezzanine and inventory parking area for an automobile dealership.  The property is located on the north side of Hazeldean Road, at the intersection of Sweetnam Drive and Hazeldean Road.  The site is currently occupied by a temporary sales office and graveled automotive sales dealership for the Canadian Auto Mall.

The applicant has advised that the revised plans include the following changes:

  • Enhanced landscaping (including several new trees) in front of the building, along the eastern edge of the property and across the rear of the site
  • The entire parking/storage areas is now shown as asphalt (some areas were previously shown as gravel)
  • Changes to the front face of the building, including the addition of masonry, additional glazing (windows) and an entry door facing Hazeldean Road.
  • A longer throat length is now proposed, for safer vehicular access and egress.
  • They have confirmed that garbage will be stored inside the building and collected at regular intervals


Revised Plans have been provided below and for additional background information please visit my website here and the City’s Development Application Search website here.


Revised Site Plan

Revised Landscape Plan

Revised Elevations

For more information and to provide comments on the revised plans by March 3, 2017 please contact myself and the City Planner Kimberley Baldwin at or 613-580-2424 x23032.

Kanata Academy now Open!


I am happy to inform residents that as of this week the Kanata Academy’s new location on 180 Huntmar is now official open!

In the summer of last year, I was honoured to participate in the official sod/gravel turning for the new home. The private school had previously been situated in the Beaverbrook Mall located in Kanata-South.

Principal Shannon Rattray along with her husband and partner Dr. Kevin Rattray purchased the school in 2011. With their student demands and population increasing, the school was quickly outgrowing its location and needed to find a new home.

The Academy follows curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education and the new facility includes the addition of high school grades to the originally existing pre-school to grade eight programs. They are currently accepting high school enrollment for February 2017.

Congratulations, on joining the Stittsville community, Kanata Academy.

For more information on programming, you can visit their website at

Goodlife Opening in Stittsville


I am happy to share with residents that the long-awaited Goodlife Fitness at 1100 Carp Road will be opening Tuesday, January 10th.


The 24/7 Co-ed fitness centre will be opening its doors at 5:00 AM and will be offering additional amenities such as Hot Yoga, dry cedar saunas, towel service, and child minding provided by JUMP!


Welcome to the neighbourhood!

2500 Palladium Drive Minor Variance Application

The Owner wants to construct a new automotive dealership (Myers Nissan) which will include an indoor showroom, outdoor vehicle displays, accessory floor space, an automobile service area and a parts storage area.  In order to proceed, the Owner requires the Authority of the Committee for a Minor Variance from the Zoning By-law to permit an increase in the maximum cumulative gross floor area for automobile dealerships to 22,950 square metres whereas the Bylaw permits a maximum cumulative gross floor area of 21,135 square metres for automobile dealerships.

This application will be discussed at the City’s Committee of Adjustment on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, starting at 9:00 a.m., located at Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, Main Floor, 101 Centrepointe Drive.  For the meeting agenda and for more information on the application please visit here.

New Ultramar Station / Corner Store


Last Friday, November 18th, I was pleased to officially welcome the newest business to our community, the Ultramar and Corner-Store at 5943 Hazeldean Road.

This has been an ongoing project for some time now. I would like to thank our MP, Pierre Poilievre, for joining us on this occasion and I wish the store owners great success in what has come to be a busy area, convenient for refilling the gas tank.
Welcome to the neighbourhood.

Automotive Dealership Site Plan at 5835 Hazeldean Road

The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application to construct a new one-storey building with mezzanine and inventory parking area for an automobile dealership.  The property is located on the north side of Hazeldean Road, at the intersection of Sweetnam Drive and Hazeldean Road.

The site is currently occupied by a temporary sales office and graveled automotive sales dealership for the Canadian Auto Mall.

The purpose of the application is to permit the development of an automotive sales dealership. The proposed development includes a 531 square metre, one-storey building with mezzanine, to house a showroom, and a sales and service area. There will be a parking area with 14 dedicated surface parking spaces (including one barrier free space) for the showroom and service centre. This parking area as well as the inventory parking will be paved. Vehicular access to Hazeldean Road will be relocated towards the centre of the site.

Landscaping improvements are proposed around the perimeter of the property, including a 5-metre wide landscape strip along the entire frontage of the lot and 10-metre wide landscape strips along the western and northerly property lines. The landscape buffer along the eastern property line will range from 10-20 metres, providing a continuous 30 metre setback from the inventory parking area to the normal high water mark of Poole Creek. Snow storage areas are proposed along the rear limits of the paved parking area.

Application Summary

Site Plan

Building Elevations

Landscape Plan


For more information and to provide comments by November 29, 2016 please contact myself and the City Planner Kimberley Baldwin at or 613-580-2424 x23032.

Stittsville Medical Imaging Centre


On Thursday, I was pleased to stop by and welcome the new Stittsville Medical Imaging Centre to the community. The branch can be found at 1609 Stittsville Main St and I encourage residents to consider their services which include X-rays and ultrasound exams, including prenatal 3D ultrasounds.

Last year I connected with the business’ new owners and asked for Stittsville’s thoughts on such a service which was received with an overwhelmingly positive response.

This is a valuable new addition to Stittsville as many residents certainly look forward to the added convenience of medical facilities within our area.

If you are interested in learning more about the services, please contact Dr. Gregory Davies at

Hazeldean Gardens Sod-turning


The construction has commenced and the sod is officially turned for the new Hazeldean Gardens retirement residents. The site is on the lands of the former Stittsville Flea Market at 6130 in the heart of Stittsville.

Along with the community, I was pleased to join owners Murray Jackson, Allan Jackson, and Wit Lewandowski at the official ceremony Saturday, September 24th. Also in attendance was Sharron Kavanagh of the Stittsville Flea Market who presented a framed picture of the former Flea Market to the owners in celebration of the site’s heritage (a replica of which sits beautifully in my City Hall office).

At the sod turning, some of the features of the gardens were revealed including an indoor salt water pool, spa, greenhouse, a fully equipped fitness room with on-site physiotherapy clinic, an auditorium, and a protected front entrance with heated sidewalk to deter ice buildup just to name a few.

I look forward to updating residents as construction develops.