Feedback Requested for Fairwinds Winter Parking Pilot

My office is requesting feedback and recommendations for changes for the future of the Winter Parking Pilot in the Fairwinds Community that was initiated last year; you can review the map of the restrictions here.

  • *The following streets were removed from the pilot project last year either at the request of residents on the street or due to the fact that we received no feedback from that street either in support or against the proposed parking restrictions: Burnaby, Grenadine, Kohilo, Mistral, Shawondasee, and Sedgebrook.
  • **The following streets had the parking restrictions moved to the other side of the street due to resident requests: Aquilo, Etesian (north section), Maloja (portions switched), Pampero, Par-La-ville (portions changed and added), Rosehill (Huntmar to Maple grove) and Tempest (reviewed on-site and portions changed).
  • At the recommendation by residents at the public meeting changes were made  to Leveche to restrict parking at all times on the street, on Leveche south of Maple Grove parking is restricted on the west side, and north of Maple Grove parking will be restricted on the east side.

If you would like to add your street to the winter parking pilot for this coming winter please provide:

  • Your address
  • What side of the street you would like the parking restriction on

Please email your feedback to me at The deadline to submit your feedback is August 1 2018.

Yoga Day in the Park


Take a deep breath and Namasté for a while in Village Square Park on June 21st for a free and relaxing session of yoga accompanied by live sitar music.

In celebration of International Yoga Day, this event is brought to you by a local Stittsville volunteer and it is open to everybody! The session begins at 6:00 and will run until about 7:15.

My office will be assisting with this event by providing fruit to help cleanse after your therapeutic exercise.

Some yoga mats will be available but in limited quantity so feel free to either bring your own yoga mat or connect with nature by stretching in the grass! And don’t forget to wear comfy clothing!

And exhale.

Reminder: Stittsville Canada Day Seniors’ Breakfast


I just wanted to provide a short reminder that there are still a limited number of seats available for this year’s Canada Day Seniors’ Breakfast taking place the morning of July 1st at Fire Station 81 on Stittsville Main St!

If you or someone you know would like to reserve you space, please email me at, visit or call my office at 613-580-2476. This is a popular free event that fills up quickly each year so be sure to mention it to any seniors you may know who might not be receiving my weekly newsletter or following me on social media.


More information is available

Fringewood Drive Road Modifications Approval

I would like to take a moment to thank all residents from Fringewood Drive who have recently reached out to my office and attended the public meeting with recommendations on road improvements.

I have shared your comments with City staff and now I am pleased to share that information about the Road Modifications Approval project is now available for review at for approximately 4 weeks for public consultation.

This report provides the background, rationale and description of the improvements proposed for Fringewood Drive based on feedback provided by my office on behalf of the community. As discussed at the public meeting on May 1st, the proposed project consists of:


  • A new concrete sidewalk on the west side of Fringewood Drive from just north of Azurite Crescent to Harry Douglas Drive; and
  • A new asphalt paved shoulder:
    • On the east side of Fringewood Drive from just north of Azurite Crescent to approximately 180m south of Hazeldean; and
    • On the west side of Fringewood Drive from just north of Azurite Crescent to approximately 65m south of Hazeldean Road.


The new sidewalk will be located along the alignment of the existing curb. The paved shoulders will be constructed by paving the existing gravel shoulders and striping an edge line along the road.


The proposed changes to Fringewood Drive will:

  • Improve conditions for cycling;
  • Improve bus stop access; and
  • Improve pedestrian safety and comfort by providing a better space for walking.


The project is currently in the planning stage. This will be followed by the design phase starting later in 2018. The schedule for construction will be determined as part of the design phase.

The drawing below shows the location of the proposed paved shoulders and sidewalk.


I encourage all Fringewood and neigbouring residents to take this opportunity to provide your feedback on the project before the July 9th deadline. Comments can be sent to the Senior Project Manager, Robert Grimwood at or (613) 580-2424 x28757.

Potter’s Key Parks Consultation


The Potter’s Key subdivision at 6111 and 6141 Hazeldean Road is set up for two future parks to be built and Minto has opened the public consultation period for each on the City of Ottawa website this week!


Joe Lewis Park will be a 0.97-hectare neighbourhood park located off Eagle Crest Heights, between Overland Drive and Samantha Eastop Avenue.  The proximity to Feedmill Creek to the south of the park will influence the theme and character of the park by bringing a naturalized area into the park. A significant portion of the wooded area within the park block will be retained.  A multi-use hard surface court, play structures, sand play and passive recreation (pathways) are being proposed for construction within the future park.


Eaglehead Park will be a 0.37-hectare parkette off Eaglehead Crescent, north off Kimpton Drive. The park is located directly adjacent to Feedmill Creek, and will connect to the recreational trail system to be constructed south along the Feedmill Creek corridor. A themed climbing structure, a duel saucer swing and other play structure amenities are being proposed for construction within the future park.


Both parks are scheduled to be constructed in 2019. Comments should be sent to the City Planner at by June 25th. Thank you.

Wild Parsnip Mini-Update


I wanted to take a moment to share a quick update from City staff that the preventative spraying of wild parsnip has now been completed in all of the Ward 6 areas scheduled for spraying and teams have now moved to the East end. Remember to watch out for wild parsnip when wandering trails. To learn more about wild parsnip and the 2018 strategy for spraying, please visit my website at

Council approves plan to build new landmark central library

This week, City Council approved the implementation plan for building the new Central Library.


The City will build the library as a joint facility with Library and Archives Canada at 557 Wellington Street, opening in 2024. The design process will start in early 2019 and will include public consultations on the design and function of the library.


The City will contribute $104.2 million to the $174.8-million facility, along with the entire cost for an $18.1-million parking garage. The 200-space, underground garage will be cost-neutral, based on estimated revenue.


The Official Plan and zoning amendments for development of a new Civic Hospital campus on the former site of the Sir John Carling Building were approved today at Council. The entire site was designated as a Major Institutional Zone, with development limited to hospital and hospital-related uses only.


The Ottawa Hospital is planning the new campus, in line with an established provincial process. Preliminary work to determine how big the facility needs to be to meet projected community health care needs should be finished in 2018. Details about the building’s design will follow.


Council approved a zoning amendment that will limit the number of bedrooms in multi-unit buildings. The amendment stems from a review of several zoning studies that looked at ensuring compatible infill in established low-rise neighborhoods. The review was in response to the increasing development in the inner urban area of multi-unit buildings with unusually large numbers of bedrooms in each unit.


The amendment introduces a limit of four bedrooms per dwelling unit within a multi-unit building. In detached dwellings, the maximum would be eight bedrooms. Minimum storage space is proposed as well, to ensure large residential buildings provide enough room for garbage and recyclables.



Homeowners who experienced flooding on October 29-30, 2017 can apply for the Residential Protective Plumbing Program, even if they did not obtain City approval before installation. Waiving this requirement will allow residents who experienced flooding, and were required by insurance companies to install the devices right away, to apply to receive partial compensation in accordance with the program.

City Manager’s Award of Distinction


Today, the City Manager’s Award of Distinction ceremony was held at the Shaw Center, recognizing and celebrating the exceptional contribution, dedication and exemplary service of our employees. This award is the highest distinction one can receive through the Employee Recognition Program with the City.


Recognition is one of the most effective ways to reinforce an organization’s culture, support its objectives and retain its top performers. Employees who know they are appreciated create an energy that is invaluable to any organization. The result is an energized workforce and high performance teams.

One of this year’s award recipients was Ottawa Public Health’s (OPH) Kimberley Trotter, nominated in the Diversity and Inclusion category. Kimberley has fostered the ideal of One City for Everyone by ensuring the inclusion of First Nations, Inuit and Metis (FNIM) perspectives to guide more culturally appropriate service delivery by OPH. As the lead person responsible to advance meaningful Indigenous engagement of OPH, Kimberley has developed a number of strategies to inspire employees to better address health equity with FNIM people.

Other winners this year include:

As Chair of Ottawa Public Health, I would like to send my sincerest congratulations to Kimberley and all of the award winners and nominees for their commitment and dedication to making our City a better place to live!

As Chair of Ottawa Public Health, I would like to send my sincerest congratulations to Kimberley and all of the award nominees for their commitment and dedication to making our City a better place to live!

Splash Pads, Beaches and Outdoor Pools – Beaches Open to the Public this Weekend

Summer has arrived and that means the City’s beach, outdoor pool, wading pool and park programs are open and ready to help you cool off! Here are just a few of the ways you can beat the heat!


Site Location Contact # Open-Closed
Mooney’s Bay 2926 Riverside Dr. 613-248-0863 June 16 – August 26
Britannia 2805 Carling Ave. 613-820-1211 June 16 – August 26
Westboro 745 Ottawa River Parkway 613-792-3875 June 16 – August 26
Petrie Island 727 Trim Rd. 613-824-5704 June 16 – August 26


Beaches will be lifeguard supervised Monday to Sunday – 12:00 – 7:00 pm from June 16 – August 26, 2018.


Washroom facilities will open Saturday, May 19 to September 3, 2018 inclusively at Mooney’s Bay, Britannia and Petrie Island Beaches. Washroom Hours are:

  • Mon – Thu, 10:30 am – 9:00 pm
  • Fri – Sun 10:30 am – 7:00 pm

Washrooms at Westboro Beach are open as part of the canteen concession and reflect canteen operating hours.

For information on water quality at beach locations, contact Public Health: 613-580-2424 ext.13219 or visit


For general information on beaches, please visit: or email



Splash Pads are active from May 18 – September 14 (weather dependent) and run from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Splash Pads are available in Stittsville at Pioneer Plains Park (1018 Stittsville Main St), Haliburton Park (Haliburton Heights and Slapshot Way), Bandmaster Park (230 Mistral Way), Upcountry Park (310 Upcountry Dr) and Deer Run Park (272 West Ridge Dr).

For a list of all splash pad locations across the City, please visit To report a malfunctioning splash pad, please call 3-1-1 or email




There will be 9 outdoor pools (deep pools) in operation this summer with schedules for public swimming available at:

For outdoor pool information, please visit: and select Pool Locations.

Water Purification in Ottawa


City of Ottawa tap water is rated as some of the safest and cleanest in the world (!) as certified by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. But some residents might be wondering how does it get that way?

I wanted to take a moment to share some information provided to me from the City’s water resource department that illustrates just how City water gets from the Ottawa River into your glass.

Water Purification Process

Drinking Water – Purification

  • The Britannia and Lemieux Island Water Purification Plants together produce approximately 275 million litres of drinking water each day.
  • For the fifth consecutive year, all seven (7) water systems operated by the City have received scores of 100% in annual inspections performed by Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC).

Drinking Water – Quality and Testing

  • The City performs more than 100,000 tests per year on its drinking water, from more than 50 sampling locations across the city, analyzing for 350 different parameters.
  • Ottawa’s water quality meets all federal and provincial standards, and is rated as one of the best in the world.
  • The City prepares an annual report for each municipal drinking water system as a requirement of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Each report includes a full summary of water quality test results for the year.

Drinking Water – Distribution

  • Safe drinking water is pumped through more than 3,000 km of water mains – roughly the distance between Ottawa and Calgary.
  • Approximately 250 million litres of water is stored each day in reservoirs and tanks, and more than 15 pumping stations ensure that water pressure is maintained throughout the system.

Drinking Ottawa tap water is not only safe but it’s also more cost efficient and environmentally friendly than drinking bottled water! So the next time you’re at home and need something to quench your thirst, consider leaving the bottled water at the grocery store.