Thank you Stittsville

Thank you

Thank you Stittsville, with all my heart.

These past few weeks have been filled with many emotions as I have been finishing my term at City Hall.  Serving as your representative has been an immense pleasure and I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me.

It seems like yesterday that I visited my new office at City Hall for the first time.  Looking out from my downtown office window, I had a perfect view over what is now Marion Dewar Plaza, to the Chateau Laurier, the NAC and the Parliament Buildings

Several people approached me and suggested that running for city councillor would be a way to deepen my relationship with Stittsville.  After much consideration and discussion with my family, I decided to take the plunge.  The promise of fulfilment and the chance to make an impact was irresistible.

I am proud of the twelve years I spent in office.  It has been a time of tremendous change for Stittsville, as we have gone from being a rural to a suburban ward.  This evolution was always at the forefront of my mind and I spent all twelve years on planning committee steering our growth.  Thanks to you, Stittsville has become Ottawa’s second fastest growing neighbourhood and yet, I am proud that it has maintained its village charm.  I believe that the preservation of our Main Street is key to our village identity.  That is why we introduced the Community Design Plan (CDP), creating a blueprint for future development.  No matter how big we become, Stittsville Main Street will remain a focal point of the community.

I consider myself a big picture thinker.  Throughout my councillorship, I have always looked beyond the immediate and considered the future of Stittsville and the City of Ottawa.  Looking ahead, I am confident that current and future residents will appreciate the widening of Hazeldean Road, the Carp River Restoration, the expansion of the Goulbourn Recreation Complex and the preservation of Shea Road Woods.  All of these achievements will ensure that the people of Stittsville continue to enjoy a high quality of life.

During my time at City Hall it has been my pleasure to serve as chair of Crime Prevention Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health.  I am proud of my involvement with programs such as “Man Up,” “Do it for Daron” and the Guns and Gangs unit.  During my tenure, Ottawa Public Health became an independent board and it has been an honour to serve initially with Dr. Isra Levy and our present Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Vera Etches.  I have learned a lot from my time as chair of OPH and I am proud of the work we have done to safeguard the health of our city.

In the next few years, Stittsville will see the coming of the LRT and the widening of Carp Road.  Robert Grant Avenue should be connected through to Paladium Drive and traffic will be flowing much more smoothly.  Our character may be changing but Stittsville will continue to be a wonderful place to live.

Thank you for choosing me to represent you at City Hall these past twelve years.  I have come to think of the people of Stittsville as my extended family.  Thank you for supporting my business and my work as City Councillor.