Deer Run Dry Pond Update

As many of you know, the City has been making changes to the Deer Run Dry Pond storm system. I am happy to report that the major work is complete and residents can be assured that the risk of backyard flooding has been reduced thanks to this project.

Improvements to the Deer Run Dry Pond started in September 2018 and the project reached Substantial Completion on November 8, 2018.

The purpose of this work was to improve the level of service of the Deer Run Dry Pond by increasing its storage capacity and adding a storm sewer on Snowberry Way. Additionally, the project included the transplantation of several trees as well as the planting of new trees and shrubs along the Jefferson Trail. The remaining work includes minor site cleanup, the installation of inlet control devices, and the removal of the construction site office.

Many thanks to City staff for their continued service to our community. The improvements to the Deer Run Dry Pond will bring peace to this corner of Stittsville.