Rezoning and Draft Plan of Subdivision for 5969 & 5957 Fernbank Road

There is a revised circulation for the Rezoning and Draft Plan of Subdivision applications originally circulated in May 2018 for 5969 & 5957 Fernbank Road: the applicant has requested that a portion of the property located at 5957 Fernbank Road be added to the lands affected by this application. The plan of subdivision will incorporate the additional lands, which are approximately 2.6 hectares in size. The layout of the proposed plan of subdivision has increased the size of the school block, relocated the park block and has increased the number of single detached dwellings and townhouse blocks.


The City of Ottawa has received applications for a Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment to permit the development of a 357-unit subdivision.


The subject lands are located on the north side of Fernbank Road, West of Shea Road. Approximately 21 hectares in area with broken frontage on Fernbank Road that measures 148 metres and 54.9 respectively, the subject lands are predominantly vacant with trees along the perimeter.


The site directly abuts an existing residential property on three sides. Surrounding land uses include Sacred Heart Catholic High School to the north, as well as soccer fields and a ball diamond. To the west is a draft-approved subdivision including 581 single detached and semi-detached dwellings. To the south of the site is another draft plan approved subdivision comprised of 357 single detached, semi-detached, townhouse unit, low-rise stacked and apartment units.


The applicant proposes to divide the subject lands into 115 residential lots, 58 residential blocks, one block each for park dedication, a stormwater pond and a school and three walkway blocks, as well as six new roads. The majority of residential blocks containing townhouse dwellings are situated on the western portion of the property, abutting an approved plan of subdivision and a new road. The school site is located on the north easten corner of the site, directly adjacent to Shea Road, south of Sacred Heart Catholic High School. In the centre of the site is the proposed park that is surrounded single detached dwellings and townhouse units and front onto to new public roads.


One point of access is proposed from Fernbank Road and two points from Shea Road. Should you have any questions or comments on this application you may contact the lead planner for this file,


Laurel McCreight, 613-580-2424, ext. or email