November is Radon Action month.  Ottawa Public Health encourages all residents to test for Radon in your home.

Radon is a colourless, odourless, radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the environment, coming from the natural breakdown of uranium in soils and rocks.  It is widely found in homes across Canada, and has been found in high levels in some Ottawa homes.  Affordable testing kits are available from a variety of sources, including Home Hardware stores.

Radon does not tend to be an issue outside, as it dilutes to harmless levels in the atmosphere; however, in a confined space – like a basement – radon can accumulate to high levels.  Exposure to high concentrations of radon can increase a person’s risk of developing lung cancer. Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and kills more Canadians annually than car collisions, house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and drowning combined.