Shea Road Woods

Planning staff continue to be in communication with the CRT developers with respect to the next phase of their development. Staff are expecting that the developer will be submitting a Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment application sometime late fall or early in the New Year. These applications are subject to full consultation.

Our Park Planner will be involved in this process to discuss the lands involved in Shea Woods. The Pre-Application Consultation process is not subject to public participation.  After the Pre-Application Consultation process is complete, the developer will go back and prepare the Draft Plan of Subdivision and all the required reports and studies to support the proposed Plan. Once the City receives the formal Application for Plan of Subdivision from the developer, the application is circulated and the Public are notified of the submission of the application by posting of signs on the site and notifying property owners within 120 metres of the subject property.

When the Plan of Subdivision Application is submitted to the City, the Draft Plan of Subdivision will show the proposed boundaries of the woods. The public will be made aware of the Plan and where to view a copy of the Plan by the methods noted above. In addition to posting of signs on site and 120 metre mail-out notification, a Public Meeting will be held in the community at some time after the application is submitted.

My office working with the Mayor and City staff committed to acquiring the Shea Road Woods natural area in 2009, to ensure area residents have access to high quality outdoor recreational space. The agreement with CRT Developments would see the City pay cash for about one third of the property. The remaining two thirds would be transferred in exchange for another parcel of land that was to be developed as a City park. Thank you to Sabrina Kemp and the many other residents who supported my bid to the City to acquire this important natural feature.