Dedicated Eastbound Left-turn Traffic Signal Carp and Hazeldean considered at Transportation Committee

On Wednesday August 15th Transportation Committee considered my request to recommend to Council that a dedicated eastbound left-turn traffic signal be implemented at the intersection of Carp and Hazeldean Road. I am pleased to tell you that this item was carried and will be presented to Ottawa City council at its meeting on August 29th for final consideration.

Residents have been expressing their concerns regarding the safety of the intersection since 2014. In December 2017 I initiated a poll for the residents, through my newsletter, on options that might be feasible to pursue further with City traffic department. The purpose of this survey was to revisit the matter with Traffic staff who expressed that the intersection did not meet the designated traffic warrants to implement the turn signal. I wanted to provide a better understanding of residents’ views on the intersection. The survey enable me to communicate with real numbers and comments in an approachable manner.


In total, 747 votes were collected over a period of three and a half weeks. As can be seen through these results, an impressive 78.85 % of residents voted in support of a Northbound Carp Advance Left to run simultaneous with the Existing Southbound Advance Left, with 61.85% of residents in support of an Eastbound Hazeldean Advance Left. 5.89% of residents did not support either option.

In Spring, 2018, I advised residents that traffic staff did not recommend changes to the intersection as doing so could result in potentially longer wait delays or create new unforeseen problems and increased collisions. I am happy to see that this is finally moving forward. Thank you to all of the residents who participated in the survey and to City’s Traffic Department for working with me on this file.