Water in Shea Road Woods

On the evening of July 26th I received an email from a resident informing me of an issue in the Shea Road Woods, Stittsville’s Unofficial Dog Park.  It appeared that an unknown substance was being pumped onto the forest floor.  I contacted the City immediately and an investigation was launched into the source and contents of the contamination.

Thankfully, it was determined that the fluid found in Shea Woods was not hazardous, and was primarily rainwater.

The City has not yet finalized acquisition of the Shea Road Woods and the property is still privately owned.

In this case, the party responsible for the water in Shea Road Woods had the legal right to discharge up to 50,000 litres of water per day on their property, but has agreed to stop and redirect excess water to the storm water management ponds.

An environmental assessment revealed no risk to the trees and no lasting impact is expected. The owner has been removing the silt left by the spill, and will be required to demonstrate that there are no contamination concerns and that the Shea Road Woods will be able to function as intended.

The purchase of Shea Road Woods will be finalized during the registration phase of the adjacent subdivision.

As always, I would like to express my gratitude to the resident who brought this issue to my attention.