Carp and Hazeldean Update


Hello residents.

Two weeks ago in my newsletter, I shared the good news that the fully-protected advance green left turn signals travelling North on Carp and West on Hazeldean were now installed.

Unfortunately, at that time, there was miscommunication between traffic staff and myself and only the advance green travelling West on Hazeldean was activated. Staff were unable to install the fully-protected advance signal from Hazeldean turning North onto Carp as it does not yet meet the criteria warrants.

As a result, I will be bringing a Councillor’s report to Transportation Committee on August 15th with my recommendations to at-last install the additional signal to meet our community’s needs.

I do apologize for the miscommunication and the delay in this long process that has already been an ongoing discussion for some time. In my report, I will be presenting the tremendous support already collected from the community to my office for this intersection enhancement by way of email and the results on the month-long online survey conducted late last year.

As the August 15th Transportation Committee draws closer, I will be certain to share another update with the community on the results of the report. Again, I thank you for your patience at this time.