311 / Service Ottawa


With summer now upon us, I thought I would take this opportunity to remind residents about some of the useful resources available by reaching out to Service Ottawa.


Service Ottawa, also known as 3-1-1, is the City’s primary by-law enforcement and informational tool. There are many ways they can be contacted, either by calling 3-1-1 directly, emailing 311@ottawa.ca, or creating an account at myservice.ottawa.ca and filing a report online.


Some of the services include:

  • Reporting a parking concern;
  • Reporting a problem with a road, sidewalk, or pathway;
  • Reporting a pothole on the road;
  • Reporting an issue with / Information on Garbage and recycling collection;
  • Reporting concerns with noisy/off-leash pets;
  • Reporting graffiti/property damage;
  • Reporting a problem with street lighting;
  • Reporting abundances of garbage, debris, or litter;
  • Requesting removal of noxious plants such as wild parsnip, poison ivy, or giant hogweed;
  • Requesting maintenance of trees on municipal property;
  • Requesting removal of a dead animal on the road;
  • Paying a traffic/parking ticket;
  • Paying your property tax, water, or sewer bill;
  • …And much more

For any OC Transpo-related comments or concerns, please use the online customer feedback form available on the OC Transpo website here.


Reporting a concern to Service Ottawa is the most efficient means toward ensuring your request is responded to in an organized and timely manner. Upon completion of their report, should any residents feel that their concerns were not addressed in full, I welcome you to then email my office at Shad.Qadri@ottawa.ca with your service request number so that I may follow up with responsible staff to ensure your unique needs are met.


For any additional needs, you can also refer to one of the City of Ottawa’s in-person Client Service Centres.


I highly encourage all residents to review some of 3-1-1’s wide range of services and consider creating an account at MyService Ottawa to reap the full benefits and ease of this useful online tool.


For more information, please visit https://myservice.ottawa.ca/

The City of Ottawa has worked with a local develop this year to launch Pinpoint311, an interactive mobile application for Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices. The app allows residents to submit and track service requests, attach photos and see other service requests and information in the City. For more information on that please visit my website here.