Stay Safe

I would ask that you please take a moment to discuss the dangers of swimming in quarries with those who may not realize the potential risks. A quarry is not a pool and is therefore not regulated by the City’s Pool Enclosure By-law, nor by the Ontario Building Code, which governs the design and construction of site-assembled and manufactured public pools.

Quarry water can be very cold and can send your body into shock or leave you too exhausted to swim within minutes of jumping in.

The depth of the water itself is a whole different danger, and you’ll probably have no idea how far down the water goes until it’s too late.

If you can’t stand up in a lake or quarry, there will be no way to recover from the shock of the temperature – and you increase your risk of drowning.

There are no trained lifeguards on duty to help you if you get yourself into a situation and you never know what dangers could be beneath the surface – Jagged rocks, discarded materials or strong currents could be hidden out of sight.

Dead animals, toxic algae and industrial pollution all represent a threat to your health if you take to swimming around in stagnant bodies of water such as quarries.

All this being said quarries are located on private property. Whether the gate is open or not to enter onto the property is trespassing.