Carp and Hazeldean Fully-Protected Turn Signals Now Installed


I wanted to take a quick moment to share the good news that after months of going back and forth with traffic staff and hearing feedback from residents, the intersection of Hazeldean and Carp Rd is now fully equipped with two new fully-protected advance green left turn signals.

Traffic staff have implemented the new fully-protected advance green left turn signals travelling East from Hazeldean onto Carp (moving North toward the 417) and North from Carp onto Hazeldean (moving West).

The new lights are in addition to the fully-protected lights that presently exist when travelling South down Carp and turning East onto Hazeldean.

This is great news for residents who have expressed concern for safety at this intersection when making a left turn without having full visibility of oncoming traffic.

Late last fall, my office conducted a month-long survey on my website, requesting residents to provide their specific vote on what changes, if any, they would like to see at the intersection. 747 votes in total were collected with an impressive majority voting in support of both a Northbound and Eastbound advance turn signal.

Over the winter, I worked with traffic staff to review the results who reiterated their earlier points that by implementing the changes, traffic may be delayed in other directions. I relayed this information back to residents in the spring with charted projections of expected traffic delays during both morning and afternoon rush-hours, requesting residents to share any additional feedback they may have before moving forward with the changes. Most feedback continued to remain in support for the project so I provided staff the green light to begin with the planning.

Now, I am happy to see that the advance signals are officially up and running. This has been a long process and I would like to thank everyone in the community who has taken the time to share their input during this consultation process and reach out to me over the years and for expression your patience while staff and I worked toward a solution that prioritized safety with the consistent flow of traffic. I would also like to thank traffic staff for all of their hard work and diligence in managing this very complicated file for the benefit of residents.

Please let me know your thoughts on these changes over the coming weeks by emailing me at as I would be happy to share any comments either positive or negative with traffic staff to better monitor the trend of this important intersection moving forward.