OPSB Strategic Plan 2019-2021 Public Opinion Survey


The Ottawa Police Services Board (OPSB), and the Ottawa Police Service (OPS), are in the process of developing a Strategic Plan for 2019-2021 and residents are encouraged to provide their input.


Residents are invited to:




  • Organize your own consultation session using the OPSB Community Engagement Kits
    • This Community Engagement Kits provides a brief introduction. some instructions or suggestions for gathering the input, as well as a short list of questions that will help groups to provide feedback to the OPSB about:
      1. perceptions about safety/crime and disorder issues;
      2. perceptions about police performance/quality of service;
  • perceptions of trust and confidence in the OPS;
  1. top issues/priorities for the OPSB/OPS to address.
  • In order to better understand how many groups have benefitted from this new method of consultation, please let the Ottawa Police Service, Community Development Section know that you will be hosting a session by emailing them at PIA@ottawapolice.ca.Details such as when, who or how many participants are not required.


To assist you in providing feedback, some of the initiatives that will be ongoing in the next few years, along with some of the known pressures to take into consideration include:

Ongoing initiatives

  • Staffing Plan: OPS are forecasting the need to hire 90 new officers between 2019 to 2021 (30 per year).
  • Outreach and Recruitment: The OPS continues to seek out and hire new recruits and increase its sworn officer complement with a focus on ensuring we reflect the community we serve.
  • Multi-Year Action Plan for Bias-Neutral Policing: This action plan was built using feedback from the community and partners; its focus is on coordinated action and building diversity leadership and a culture at the OPS that embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Modernization Roadmap: We are in the middle of a six-year plan to modernize the OPS’s information management and technology environment.
  • Facilities Strategic Plan: In addition to changes that will be taking place with our existing facilities, we will also be building a new police station at 55 Lodge Road, which is targeted for completion in 2021.

Known Pressures

  • Budget: The Police Tax Rate Increase for 2018 was 2.0% however for 2019-2021, we are currently forecasting 4.1%; 4.0%; and 3.5% per year respectively.
  • Guns and gang violence: Ottawa, like cities across Canada, continues to see an increase in gun violence and shootings.
  • Opioid crisis: OPS is continuing to work with community partners on ways to address the current opioid crisis.
  • Legislative and regulatory changes: The Safer Ontario Act received Royal Assent in March of 2018 and different sections are scheduled to come in to effect between 2019-2020.
  • Legalization of cannabis: OPS is preparing for the impacts of the legalization of cannabis.
  • Continued population growth

I highly encourage all residents to get involved in this important process regarding the future of OPS and the OPSB. For more information or if your group requires help in this submission process, please contact PIA@ottawapolice.ca.