Main St Enhancements Approved at FEDCO


This week at Finance and Economic Development Committee, the City moved to secure $856,000 in provincial funding for main-street enhancements across the City as part of the Government of Ontario’s $26-million Main Street Revitalization Initiative with the goal of funding public realm enhancements in main street areas that improve energy efficiency, accessibility, aesthetics and the marketability of small businesses.

“Staff wish to thank all of the Ward Councillors and BIAs who submitted project ideas in support of the Ontario’s Main Street Revitalization Initiative.”

I was happy to support this project by working with staff to provide insight and ideas on how our own Stittsville Main St could benefit from additional funding improvements. My suggestions to staff focused on four main objectives:

  1. Commercial Building Façade Improvements
  2. Structural Improvements to Building Upgrades
  3. Emphasis on Accessibility
  4. Streetscape and Landscape Improvements

In my report, I also clarified the importance of retaining Stittsville Main’s heritage design through lighting and building fronts whilst encouraging accessibility and draw for both seniors (due to the multiple homes and residences along the street) and cyclists (as a result of the new bike repair station and water fountain in Village Square Park making Stittsville Main an ideal destination area).

Now, I am pleased to share that $200,000 was expensed to support enhancements along Stittsville Main St including a project to create a new trailhead piazza at the western entrance of the TransCanada Trail.

The proposed piazza will include:

  • New and upgraded seating
  • New landscaping
  • New pavers
  • Upgraded signage and wayfinding
  • Upgraded cycling facilities (parking)

Additional improvements include:

  • New and upgraded benches
  • New bike rings in strategic locations
  • Other components as determined through the design process.

I would like to thank City staff for working so diligently on this project that will benefit future visitors to Stittsville Main for generations to come!


I highly encourage all residents to take a look at the proposal images below to get a better idea of what’s to come along Stittsville Main! You can also view the report in its entirety by clicking here.

This item will go to Council on Wednesday, July 11th for final approval.