When is the grass cut in City Parks and Pathways?

Over the past three weeks, my office has been receiving inquiries about grass cutting in parks and along pathways. What is the timing and why are some areas cut in a park and other areas left long? We have confirmed with staff that there are indeed two different crews who manage our Park spaces.  The first crew has the larger grass cutting equipment to cut open areas and a second crew comes in after to manage the trimming around park furniture, fence lines and trees.  During the spring months we do often see a gap in these crews which is more often than not attributed to weather conditions.  A very recent example is that we lost two consecutive cutting/trimming days during the week of June 4th to the 8th to heavy rainfall.

It is not prudent to provide a schedule for specific dates as the cutting beats are set up based on the Council approved Maintenance Quality Standards which may call for every 3, 5, 10 or 14 days dependent on the classification of the parkland.  The schedules are also adjusted based on the growth of the grass due to the various changing conditions throughout the season.  For example, in dry or drought conditions, the grass may not grow at all so staff may eliminate a cut and focus their efforts on other maintenance tasks.  At the other end, in fast growth periods, staff may add an additional cut, if ground conditions permit, in order to stay on top of the growth were possible.

For your information, here is the link to the Maintenance Quality Standards – Parks and Sports Fields as well as the Maintenance Quality Standards – Roads and Sidewalks/Pathways which outlines the standards for City parkland and roadside grass cutting.