Re-Submission – Plan of Subdivision – 195 Huntmar- Shenkman/Cavanagh Development

Please be advised my Office has received a revised Plan of Subdivision and revised reports for the above application. An email has been sent to everyone who attended the Public Meeting and/or requested to be notified of any revisions and decisions advising them that the revised plans and reports can be viewed on DevApps.

The following summary represents revisions made by the Applicant to the Draft Plan of Subdivision from the original submission. Please refer to the Planning Rationale Addendum for further details:

  • First Submission – number of dwelling units – 1170 units – 174 singles, 286 townhouses, 520 stacked townhouses, 190 apartments.
  • Current submission – 691 units – 131 singles, 432 townhouses, 128 stacked townhouses.
  • District Park, identified as Block 231, relocated from the north-west corner of the property to the east with frontage on Huntmar Road – Park size 5.9 ha  
  • Block 232 added for OCDSB Secondary School. It is located on east side of future north-south arterial abutting the new District Park location.
  • School site, 6.12 ha in size (Block 232), requires an additional 1.73 ha from the landowner to the north (Palladium Auto Park) to meet the school board’s ultimate size requirements. The applicant has a financial arrangement with the landowner to the north to provide the school board with sufficient lands.
  • Current proposal with District Park adjacent to the school allows opportunity for shared amenities.
  • Stormwater management facility, Block 238, relocated from MTO lands to northwest corner of the subject lands.
  • Re-configured combined two “L” shaped commercial blocks added along the west side of the north-south arterial.
  • To provide range of residential building types, the plan now includes 128 stacked townhouse units to be located on Block 229.
  • Added second (neighbourhood) park, Block 230, in central portion of residential uses.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to the alignment of the major arterial and collector roadways in agreement with the Palladium Auto Park owners. The signalized intersection originally proposed adjacent to the employment blocks has been removed and a second roundabout added, aligning with a re-aligned Palladium Drive.
  • The major collector along the southern edge of the west side of the subdivision, (Street No. 14 – Stittsville Main Street extension) now has a ROW width of 30 metres, and is shared with landowners to the south. Click here for a copy of the Plan of Subdivision. Please note that the revisions are similar to what was presented at the Public Meeting in January. Any further comments can be submitted up to July 15, 2018, to Louise Sweet, MCIP, RPP Planner III, Development Review – West at 580.2424 ext. 27586, or