Notice of Hydro One’s emergency vegetation maintenance work in the City of Ottawa

Dear Residents,

I would like to provide you with information regarding the proactive measures planned by Hydro One. In order to provide a continued supply of safe and reliable power to homes and businesses, Hydro One forestry crews will perform emergency vegetation maintenance work on a number of transmission lines in the City of Ottawa. Some of this critical work will take place in Ward 6 and residents adjacent to the hydro corridors will be notified by a Hydro One forestry representative in advance.

Emergency vegetation maintenance work takes place between routine vegetation maintenance cycles to prevent unnecessary power outages and service interruptions. Hydro One crews will trim or remove any dead, diseased or hazardous vegetation that poses an imminent risk to the electrical equipment at this time. This work will be completed manually with equipment like chainsaws and pruners.

Work will begin in early July and anticipate that it will take three weeks to complete, weather permitting.

Additionally, the same transmission lines are due for routine vegetation maintenance in late 2018 and early 2019. Before any work begins, Hydro One will contact my office to discuss details of the work and a community consultation strategy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Hydro One’s emergency vegetation maintenance work, please contact Katrina Kim at 1-877-345-6799 or email