Remembering Clive Morris

This week, Stittsville lost another longtime and valued member of the community – a war veteran who contributed regularly to the wellbeing and happiness of his neighbours.

I would like to pass along my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Clive Morris in this difficult time. Clive will be remembered at a service hosted by the Stittsville Legion this evening, Friday, June 8, at 7:00.

In memory of Mr. Morris, I thought I would share a poem he wrote shared in my weekly newsletter for Remembrance Day only two years ago.


The poppy is a symbol

We wear but once a year,

Reminding us forever

Of those we held so dear.


Sons and daughters died for us

Slaughtered in search of peace;

Defending all our freedoms,

That future wars may cease.


Poppies mark the place they fell,

Surviving churned-up mud,

In pock-marked fields of battle

Stained now with soldiers’ blood.


So long ago in Flanders Fields

They grew where nothing could,

On ravaged land, by bomb and shell,

A blood red sign for good.


Those fragile, tender poppies

Covered the unmarked graves

That hid the broken bodies;

Who once were bold and brave.


The soft warm winds of Springtime,

The gentle rain as well

Nurtured and fed those tiny seeds

For Summer’s heat to swell.


They spread a carpet ‘cross the land,

And wherever they appeared

Became a sign to all the world

‘A soldier’s buried here’.


That poppy’s now our symbol

We wear for all to see,

So no one will forget the ones

Who died for you and me.