Medical Information Reference Sheet


I wanted to take a moment to share a useful resource provided to my office from the Ottawa Paramedic Service – the New Patient Medical Information Sheet.

This resource is a useful tool for all residents of the Ottawa area as it provides First Responders the key information necessary to best treat you in the event of an emergency. Residents are encouraged to download, print and complete the form in their preferred language:

Hopefully, you do not experience an emergency and need to call 911 but if you do –  having this form filled out will assist Ottawa Paramedics in providing the most appropriate and timely treatment possible.

Complete this form with your family or doctor. Make multiple copies and stick one to your fridge, put one in your wallet or purse, give a copy to your partner or spouse and one to your emergency contact.  Not all emergencies happen at home and having this valuable resource on hand helps to reduce some of the stress of the situation.

I highly encourage all residents to take the five minutes it takes to print and complete copies of the form for you and your family members. It could mean all the difference in a life-threatening emergency.