#PROMise2018 Ottawa Public Health Campaign Promotes Safe Grad Celebrations


It was my sincere pleasure to visit with Sacred Heart High School students participating in their Grad Inspiration Day at Saunders Farm Friday morning. Ottawa Public Health nurses were on hand to teach students about #PROMise2018 social media engagement campaign.

OPH created the PromSmart campaign in May of 2017. The Campaign is a part of the response to the opioids crisis that faces the City. This year, OPH has enhanced PromSmart with a “#PROMise2018”.


Youth will help promote #PROMise2018 by using the campaign hashtag in their social media posts, thereby encouraging a peer-to-peer approach. The campaign aims to empower youth to increase their knowledge on issues related to substance use and sexual health; and to foster a culture of keeping each other safe.


For the campaign launch, OPH has identified schools with engaged student groups to host an event. School health nurses will collaborate with school staff and students to plan a lunchtime event to draw in grade 12 students and encourage them each to take the #PROMise2018 pledge, or in this case a larger school event.