Potter’s Key Construction Traffic Concerns are being addressed

My office has been working with Domenic Idone and Minto Developments to establish a plan that would address residents’ concerns relating to the construction traffic from Potter’s Key Development.

Some contractors have been deviating from the construction road I had requested be put in place, to avoid travelling on the existing residential streets. I am happy to provide you with the following plan to be implemented going forward.


Construction Traffic Plan:


  • Weekly communication to all subcontractors and suppliers reminding them to only use the specified construction access off of Hazeldean Road.
  • Minto will install cameras at all four roadways entering/exiting the Potter’s Key subdivision and fine any supplier or subcontractor that use these access points.
  • Minto has requested from their suppliers and subcontractors that smaller transport trucks be used where possible for deliveries to the site so that trucks can more safely and easily turn around within the Potter’s Key subdivision so that they are able to exit using the Hazeldean Road construction access. Where smaller trucks cannot be used (i.e. truss delivery) and when it is not possible to turn around within the subdivision, either safely or physically, trucks will be escorted out through the existing subdivisons by a Minto representative. These events will be only as required and not frequent events.
  • Minto’s Construction Traffic Control Plan that was submitted to the City in May 2017 will be updated to reflect that all the roads in/out of Potter’s Key are now open. The Traffic Plan will show where additional signage will be added.
  • Minto will monitor how construction traffic is responding to these measures. If required, Minto will work with the Councilor’s office to get the speed limit reduced on Hazeldean Road between Carp Road and Stittsville Main to 50km/h until such time as Potter’s Key is built out.


I would like to thank Domenic for taking this matter seriously and working with my office to create a plan that is focused on the safety of the residents. I would also like to thank the residents for their patience in this time.