Council approves measures to help micro-breweries, small manufacturers and live music business

Small-scale manufacturing and food processing businesses can now operate in commercial areas, after City Council approved zoning changes this week.


Historically, these uses were restricted to segregated industrial zones with heavy industrial uses that generate noise, pollution and freight traffic. Light manufacturing and food processing businesses, like micro-breweries and craft furniture makers, will now be able to operate in other urban areas. These businesses will also be able to sell their products on-site through a retail or restaurant component while also distributing their products for resale.


Council also approved a zoning amendment to increase opportunities for live music and performance venues, in line with the recently adopted Ottawa Music Strategy. Music venues happen across a wide range of locations and are critical to a city’s cultural scene. With this amendment, live music and theatre will be permitted uses in any place of worship or assembly across the city, as well as permitted accessory uses in commercial stores and restaurants.