Bus Pad Improvements in Stittsville

As part of the 2018 bus pad and bus shelter improvement program, I am happy to share that 5 bus stops in Stittsville will see construction improvements over the coming months. These stops were selected based on a number of factors, including ridership numbers, site conditions, bus service frequency and exposure to elements.

Main Street Cross Street Improvement Type
Kittiwake Drive Abaca Way Concrete Pad and Shelter*
Stittsville Main Street Kimpton Drive Asphalt Pad
West Ridge Drive Snowberry Way Asphalt Pad
West Ridge Drive Renshaw Avenue Concrete Pad
Granite Ridge Drive Cinnabar Way Concrete Pad

*Shelters will be installed at a later date

This is great news for Stittsville residents who rely on public transit to get around!

The bus pads will be constructed within City property limits and will increase the level of service, safety, accessibility and comfort experienced by OC Transpo’s customers. The pads will be constructed with minimal impacts upon traffic and may require limited, localized lane closures at each site location.

Construction is anticipated to commence in June with completion in late Fall 2018. The Contractor will be required to complete each site within eight (8) calendar days of starting each individual site. Residents in the immediate vicinity of each site will be notified of the impending construction prior to the start of construction.


A more detailed schedule will be provided in the coming weeks.