Update on Work at Stittsville Main and Hazeldean

The Hazeldean Gardens Retirement Residence will be doing a final repair of the pavement at Stittsville Main Street and Hazeldean Road. The reason that the work has not been completed yet is that the asphalt plants only opening mid-May and the City’s imposed half load restriction has been in place.

Every year, the City monitors thaw progression by utilizing the forecast temperature data to calculate the Thaw Index. When the Thaw Index reaches its threshold value, the load restrictions are imposed. Once the pavement strength has been restored, the load restrictions are removed.

The reason for the initial work done on the south bound lane of Stittsville Main Street was to connect the sanitary sewers to the upcoming Hazeldean Gardens Retirement Residence.

As of Tuesday, May 22, seasonal load restrictions will be lifted.
Since trucks are no longer limited to half-capacity, that means that summer infrastructure projects will soon be underway!


I will be certain to update the community as I receive updates but I expect the paving work at Stittsville Main and Hazeldean to be completed some time in the next two weeks (weather permitting). I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as I can appreciate that travelling this area has not been a smooth ride.