Bus Detour at Stittsville Main and West Ridge

As residents may be aware, the intersection of West Ridge and Stittsville Main will soon be undergoing modifications, resulting in the access from Stittsville Main to West Ridge being temporarily closed.


Route 162 current uses this this access and will require a detour from Wednesday, 23 May 2018 (07:00) through to Thursday, 21 June 2018 (18:00).

The proposed detour, as shown in the image below, maintains service to the West Ridge community between Stittsville Main and Fernbank. Unfortunately, given the constraint of the local road network, the detour would introduce transit service to streets that do not normally have transit service, specifically along Eckerson and Cresswell, and three bus stops would be missed. A temporary stop would be added on West Ridge at Traditions Park to maintain service coverage within the community. The image below details the detour routing, the temporary removal of service, and affected bus stops. This will require seven weekday trips and fourteen Saturday trips to operate on this detour.



Staff estimates that this will impact approximately four Route 162 customers, who currently use the bus stops on Fernbank or Stittsville Main Street.


It has been determined that parking would need to be removed along the south side of Eckerson and the east side of Cresswell in order to allow buses to safely maneuver through the community. In addition, the contractor will be required to complete a mail drop to all affected residents in the area advising them of the temporary introduction of buses on their street. Staff will ensure that the detour information is listed on the OC Transpo website, and notices will be posted at all affected stops directing customers to the next available stop.


I thank residents for their patience at this time.