Friendly Reminder to Not Leave Pets/Children Inside the Car on Hot Days

“Just five minutes” is never five minutes.

Please remember as hot weather persists this August to never leave children or your animals inside a hot vehicle even for a short amount of time.

Dogs don’t sweat and they only have sweat glands on their paws. They cool themselves off by panting but in a hot, stuffy car, that makes it all too easy to get heatstroke.

Leaving children in a car unattended can have very different consequences such as medical distress or even abduction.

Cars heat up quick. After 10 minutes on a hot day, the temperature inside of a car can rise 10 degrees Celsius higher than the outside weather. After 30 minutes, the temperature can become 19 degrees Celsius higher than outside.


If you see an animal left in a vehicle unattended, please contact the Ottawa Humane Society at (613) 725-3166. Likewise, if you see an unattended child in a vehicle, please call 9-1-1 immediately.