Davidson Lands Blasting (Edenwylde)

Please be advised that Tartan Development is through the final stages of engineering design approvals for the Davidson subdivision (also known as the Area 6 East site located at 5970 Fernbank). In anticipation of the installation of infrastructure, the commencement of blasting is scheduled to begin on May 17th.


Phase 1 of the project is anticipated to last for a period of approximately 4 months. Blasting will be conducted Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM with up to 8 blasts per crew occurring per day.


All pre-blasting surveys have been completed and notices have been issued to the adjacent residents by the contractor. All blast vibration levels are carefully monitored to ensure compliance with applicable guidelines and regulations and to alleviate the possibility of damage to nearby structures.


Prior to each blast, the blast site will be cleared of all persons and secured. This will be followed by a series of warning whistles that will be sounded to alert all persons in the vicinity:

  • Five short whistles – One minute to blast
  • Three short whistles – Blast is imminent
  • One long whistle – Blast is all clear


For any questions/concerns, residents are asked to contact the contractors, Frank’s Drilling at 613-378-2178, or Explotech Engineering at 613-723-2494

For more background on the development, please visit https://shadqadri.com/2016/02/05/stittsville-south-residential-development/


Thank you for your patience at this time.