Cleaning the Capital


The time has come once again to organize your teams to help “Clean up the Capital”.


Now in its 25th year, this bi-annual city-wide cleaning campaign brings together neighbours, communities and friends to help keep Ottawa clean and green! Last year alone, 75,547 volunteers collected 60,437 kg of litter during 1,259 cleanup events.

This is a great opportunity for families and friends to work together on community cleanup projects that help make Ottawa clean, green, graffiti-free and litter-free. GLAD Cleaning the Capital is also an excellent way for high school students to earn their community volunteer hours.

To participate, simply:

  • Pick your project site, your cleanup date (rain date too!), and time.
  • Promote your project and gather your project team.
  • Be sure to plan ahead for the proper disposal of compost, garbage, recycling, leaf-and-yard waste and any other hazardous items you may collect.

This week in Stittsville:


This week, residents are invited to join the Fairwinds Poole-Creek Community Association as they venture out on April 21st/22nd to tackle every park in the Fairwinds area! Awesome organization, team!


Other clean-ups this weekend include:

Fernbank Road April 21st 1:00-4:00
Upcountry Park April 21st 11:00-1:00
Tempest Drive (select areas) April 21st 10:00-12:00
Woodhurst Cres April 21st 11:00-12:00
Liard St (select areas) April 21st 11:00-3:00
Trans Canada Trail April 22nd 10:00-3:00
Rosehill Ave April 22nd 10:00-12:00
Stittsville Main St (select areas) April 22nd 9:30-10:30
Sacred Heart High School April 23rd 10:00-11:00
Stittsville Main St (select areas) April 26th 8:30-3:00
Trans Canada Trail (Abbott and Talltree) April 27th 9:00-11:00


Thanks to all the volunteers doing clean-ups around Stittsville for keeping our community looking great!

To learn more or to register a team of your own, please visit