Women’s Bureau at Council


At City Council this week, Council approved a motion that will examine having a Council Representative Special Liaison for Women’s Issues, and a Women’s Bureau, to provide a gender lens on the City’s policies and practices.


By looking around at the world today, it is incredible to think of just how far gender equality has progressed in the past century and yet just how much farther it must continue to grow before we have a truly inclusive society


Strong communities are improved upon by listening to the diverse voices of all of its inhabitants. As such, I was happy to support this motion as we as a City continue to grow into becoming a more inclusive and equitable place to live for all.


With that said, I believe it is important that we as a City use this opportunity to not just look at what needs to be done to improve equity and inclusion today but what must be done 20, 30, or 40 years into the future as well.


I would like to thank Councillor Deans and Councillor McKenney for putting this motion on the table. Along with all of the hardworking women employed by the City of Ottawa in various departments for their dedication and commitment to promoting gender equality in the workplace.


I supported this motion on the grounds that it is worth pursuing. However, with that said, I would ideally like to see the committee grow in the future to also provide a voice for all of Ottawa’s unique demographics, including those of another race, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.


Results of this work will be included in the 2018-2022 governance report.