William Bradley Park Update

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Thank you to all the residents that provided their feedback on a number of parks coming forward in Stittsville. I will continue to share updates on the parks with the community and at this time can share the below update from the City Planner regarding William Bradley Park. We appreciate the community feedback and have the following overall comments in turn.


The majority of respondents to the William Bradley Park posting commented that they would prefer a children’s play area to adult fitness.

Thus, the consultant will proceed with developing a plan with a play area in the park; however, efforts will be made to source play equipment that is fitness oriented, and can be used by a wide range of visitors.


There was a comment requesting the shade structure and associated hard surface be removed as there was not sufficient funds to construct the shelter at this time. Thus, I have directed the consultant to look into providing an accessible table with an overhead shade structure combined to reduce the cost while providing accessible seating and shade.


There was a comment requesting to extend the reforestation and plant more shrubs and wildflowers. More shrubs will not be planted however, two different wild flower seed mixes will be specified and a wider naturalized area will be provided. Enhanced tree planting will be provided if budget permits.


Finally, it was requested that all paving within the park be porous paving. The park has sufficient open space to accommodate the surface water runoff generated by the hard surface areas within the park and allow for infiltration of the water primarily on site, and therefore porous paving will not be specified within this park location.


If you have further questions or require additional information please feel free to contact the City Planner Jennifer Shepherd at Jennifer.Shepherd@ottawa.ca and my office.