Truck Routes in Stittsville and Across Ottawa


Over the last number of years, Fairwinds residents have been reaching out to m voicing concerns regarding heavy trucks utilizing Huntmar Road as a cut through to the 417.


I have been in communications with the City’s Traffic department and now I am happy to share that I was able to get two backlit signs through our traffic calming budget installed one at the corner of Huntmar and Hazeldean and a second one at Huntmar and Palladium.


This is a good step in the right direction as now truck drivers who may be unfamiliar with the area will be made immediately aware of the restrictions set on Huntmar and police can enforce the Bylaw to the fullest extent of the law.


According to the Traffic And Parking By-law:

  • Truck routes apply to heavy vehicles. A heavy vehicle means a motor vehicle having a carrying capacity in excess of one (1) tonne or any vehicle having a gross weight in excess of four and one-half (4.5) tonnes, but does not include a public transit vehicle travelling on an established transit route, an ambulance or a school vehicle.
  • Heavy vehicles are obliged to travel on truck routes until such time the operator needs to: (a) make a delivery to premises not abutting a truck route; (b) perform services requiring the heavy vehicle at premises not abutting a truck route; (c) house, store or have the heavy vehicle repaired at a garage or other premises not abutting a truck route, or (d) perform a service for the City of Ottawa.
  • Such deviations from truck routes are to be direct i.e. made from the point on a truck route nearest by highway distance to the premises referred to above. When successive deliveries are made in an area bounded by truck routes, after the last such delivery, the heavy vehicle must be driven to the nearest truck route.

I have also been provided a map of all truck routes within the City of Ottawa which residents may review at their leisure here. Truck routes on the map are shown in red and blue. Red truck routes can carry full loads all year. Blue truck routes are restricted to five (5) tonnes or 11,000 lbs. per axle during the spring thaw period. Non truck routes are also subject to the five (5) tonnes or 11,000 lbs. per axle weight restriction during the spring thaw period.


I would like to thank Fairwinds residents, particularly Frank Boeres, for continuing the conversation on this issue through my office, Ottawa Police Services, and other community partners.