New permanent Air-Supported Sports Dome Proposed for Stittsville

Dome Image

I am pleased to share with the community that a new sports facility is proposed for the community. The Conseil des ecoles catholiques du Centre- Est (CECCE) is proposing to construct an a new permanent air-supported sports dome at the northwest corner of the école secondaire catholique Paul-Desmarais school site located at 5315 Abbott Street East.  In addition to use by the school and potentially other partners, I have also been advised that the space would be available for community rental.  This is an exciting project for the community as it will expand the sports facilities we have in Stittsville.


The City of Ottawa has received a Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control application to construct the proposed new permanent air-supported sports dome. The subject property is approximately 6 hectares in size located on the north side of Abbott Street East in the Fernbank Community at the location of Paul Desmarais High School. The surrounding context includes existing industrial development to the west along Iber Road, future mixed-use development to the north and east, and a Hydro corridor to the south. The applicant is seeking approval to construct an artificial turf football field which is to be enclosed in a permanent air supported dome with a club house pavilion attached.


The zoning by-law amendment has been submitted to address the additional height required for the air-supported dome. The current zoning (I1A[2129]) permits a maximum building height of 15 metres, where this proposal is requesting a maximum height of 23.01 metres.


Application Summary

Site Plan

Landscape Plan

Elevation Plan 1

Elevation Plan 2

Planning Rational


To provide comments by April 11, 2018 and for questions please contact Mary Dickinson, City Planner at / 613-580-2424, ext. 13923 and my office.