30 Years of the Glen


Congratulations to Kathleen, Luciana, John, and James; owners of the Glen Scottish Restaurant & Pub for celebrating their 30th year of business!


I was pleased to welcome the Glen to its Stittsville home on Hazeldean Road 8 years ago. It has played a unique role in providing a place to bring together members of the Stittsville community – whether it be celebrating sporting events, birthdays, or simply good times spent together as friends. The Glen is also regularly giving back to the community either through its charitable fundraising efforts or by hosting community meetings.


On Monday, March 5th, Mayor Jim Watson and myself will be providing a certificate of recognition for this milestone. Congratulations to all of the staff, patrons, and management team for making the Glen a great place to be.


In celebration of the anniversary, the Glen will be hosting fun and exciting events and promotions all year long. For more information, visit their website at theglen.ca