Thank You to Stittsville’s Outdoor Rink Operators


As the warmer weather draws the City’s Outdoor Rink program to its close for another year, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the individuals who work hard each year to volunteer their time in ensuring the outdoor rinks in Stittsville are operational every winter season.

It’s not always easy to get up in -30 degree weather to flood the ice at 2:00 AM or to be the first to shovel the morning after a heavy snowfall; and it takes a great deal of effort to maintain the quality of ice and cleanliness of the changing huts for everyone in the community.

These committed volunteers work hard to bring the community together and often do so for the sheer love of what they do without expecting any particular thanks.

So for all that you do and on behalf of the community, I would like to provide a special thanks to:

  • Marc Servant ~ Bandmaster Park
  • Robert Lemoine and Greg Joy ~ Bryanston Gate Park
  • Andre Godin ~ Coyote Park
  • Scott MacLeod ~ Crossing Bridge Park
  • Susan Bolla ~ Mary Durling Park
  • The Jackson Trails Community Association ~ Pioneer Plains Park
  • Josh Fudge ~ Ralph Street Park
  • Jasmin Breton ~ Trustee M. Curry Park
  • Tom Rivett ~ Upcountry Park

As way of saying thanks, the City will be hosting a special outdoor rink volunteer appreciation breakfast this Saturday, February 24th; I hope that all of Stittsville’s operators and their families are able to attend.

The outdoor rink program would not be possible without your continued dedication. Thank you.