Potter’s Key Connections to Jackson Trails

Potters Key

The first homeowners in Potter’s Key Subdivision are scheduled to move in on March 5 on Geranium Walk. Minto Homes intends to open the road connections from their development to the Jackson Trails subdivision at Kimpton Drive and Bandelier Way, as shown here. The opening of these connections is scheduled for the morning of March 5. The third connection at Eagle Crest Heights will be open by the end of April and the Kimpton Drive connection to Echo Woods will be sometime after that.


The construction road access on Hazeldean Road will remain open and Minto Homes will continue to direct their trades to use this access. I have requested Minto Homes ensure all their contractors and the sub-contractors are aware they are not permitted to use the existing residential streets.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact my office and Domenic Idone, Director, Land Development, Minto Homes at Didone@minto.com or 613-786-7922.