Blasting in Stittsville

Residents continue to contact my office regarding blasting in Stittsville.  Developers are blasting in two areas of Stittsville for the following subdivision developments:

2018 Feb Blasting areas

CRT Fernbank Lands – 5786 Fernbank Road

Blasting is anticipated to be complete by the end of March at this property located west of Robert Grant Avenue, north of Fernbank and south of Abbott Street. For more background information, please review previous community updates.

This week City staff advised that all blasts within the last 2 weeks are within the City Specifications as conditioned in the developers Subdivision Draft Plan approval.  A review of the blast induced vibration monitoring data (February 1- February 14, 2018) indicate vibration levels of less than 4 mm/s (well below the threshold for possibility of cosmetic cracking in drywall, plaster, etc.).  DST Consulting, the third party consultant, recommended that the two additional seismographs remain in place to the end of the blasting operations.  It is their professional opinion given the sensitivity of the project, the amount of public complaints and concerns I have raised, that this additional data would further assist in evaluating potential claims.


A revised letter went out to residents indicating the revised scheduled with the completion date anticipated for the end of March; the letter was sent to all residents within the 150m radius of the blasting area, as per conditioned in their Subdivision Draft Plan approval.

If residents have concerns with the blasting operations please feel free to contact my office and DST Consulting Engineers Inc. at 613-748-1415 or If residents are concerned with damage to their properties due to the blasting, they can contact the above individual or submit a claim through the City.  For more information on the City’s claim process, please visit here.


Poole Creek Village

Tartan Homes has advised that their contractor will commence blasting activity in the Poole Creek Phase 3 subdivision. The blasting is required for the final servicing phase in the subdivision and is expected to require 4 more weeks. Over 70 pre-blast surveys were completed and notice has been provided to all the adjacent homeowners.

The Poole Creek Village development at 5831 Hazeldean Road received draft approval in 2012 (see plan of subdivision for full plan). The lands are located north of Poole Creek/Hazeldean Road and south of Maple Grove Road. It is located in between the Fairwinds and the Fairwinds West subdivision.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact my office and you may contact Wayne Kennedy, Franks Drilling and Blasting at 613-561-6443.  If residents are concerned with damage to their properties due to the blasting, they can also contact the above individual or submit a claim through the City.

General Blasting Information


Both City Special Provisions – F-1201 and Ontario Provincial Specifications and Standards (OPSS) 120 include similar and detailed requirements for the Contractor to inform residents at several time points in the project.

The municipality does not regulate blasting. The City does impose the City of Ottawa’s standard S.P. No: F-1201 Use of Explosives specifications on all owners applying for plan of subdivision approval. These specifications require the owner to hire a third party consultant to complete the pre-blast survey, and monitor vibrations to make sure they are compliant with the specifications. The specification is also in place for insurance purposes to protect the City, residents, and the blasting company where there are any damage claims.


Blasting data and information is submitted to the City based upon request. Please note that the information is not submitted by the Contractor, but an independent Blasting Consultant that completes the vibration monitoring. When the City receives complaints, they request confirmation from the Blasting Consultant that the blasting operations are following City Standards. As the consultant are the subject experts and they are certifying the information, the City accepts this information as it is provided by a professionally designated company.


When the City receives complaints, the City will put residents in touch with the Blasting Consultant. Typically, if there is a report of damage, the Blasting Consultant will investigate as it may become a legal claim against the Developer/Blaster/City. If it is to report a vibration concern, the Blasting Consultant will typically contact the resident and explain over the phone their monitoring procedures and confirm if the blasts are within City Standards.


A standard blasting condition is used in each set of Subdivision Draft Approval Conditions. These conditions refer to the Developer to follow the City Specifications. There is no unique blasting review completed by the City on a project-by-project basis. As blasting is an acceptable construction practice in the Province of Ontario, the private developers have the option to blast as they deem fit for their projects provided they follow the City specifications.


Please note below the standard condition all developers must agree to before receiving draft approval of a subdivision and please find attached the City’s specification:




B1       The Owner agrees that all blasting activities will conform to the City of Ottawa’s standard S.P. No: F-1201 Use of Explosives. Prior to any blasting activities, a pre-blast survey shall be prepared as per F-1201, at the Owner expense for all buildings, utilities, structures, water wells, and facilities likely to be affected by the blast and those within 75 m of the location where explosives are to be used. The standard inspection procedure shall include the provision of an explanatory letter to the owner or occupant and owner with a formal request for permission to carry out an inspection. 


The Owner agree to provide a Notification Letter in compliance with City specification F-1201. Specification indicates that a minimum of 15 business days prior to blasting the Contractor shall provide written notice to all owner(s) and tenants of buildings or facilities within a minimum of 150m of the blasting location.  The Owner agrees to submit a copy of the Notification Letter to the City.


My colleague Councillor Wilkinson recently hosted a public meeting regarding blasting in Kanata North. There is some information in this video residents may find useful on the blasting process. You can view this video at:


For more information from the City of Ottawa regarding blasting, please visit the City website Blasting in the City of Ottawa.