Council Approves Additional Infrastructure Renewal Projects

In last week’s newsletter, I informed the community that the City’s Finance and Economic Development Committee approved the staff report and recommendations for the Additional Infrastructure Funding for the Renewal of Tax-Supported Assets including an additional $730,000 to go toward Stittsville infrastructure projects.


Now, I am happy to share that this funding was approved at today’s City Council meeting. A total of $10 million of additional funding will be put toward infrastructure renewal projects across the city.


The approved list of projects for tax-supported assets includes roads, sidewalks, multi-use pathways, parks and buildings across the city. The list is in addition to the projects identified in Budget 2018. The additional funding allocates $6.66 million to renew roads, $3 million to renew buildings and parks, and $340,000 to renew sidewalks and pathways.


Stittsville Infrastructure Projects



Facility Address Description Budget $
Stittsville Library 1637 Stittsville Main Replace furnaces and A/C units 55,000
Johnny Leroux Stittsville Arena & CC 10 Warner Colpitts Lane Full modernization of elevator 200,000
Maple Grove Depot Office and Garage 1655 Maple Grove Road Replace doors/flooring/repair & repaint walls – pressure washing bay 100,000
TOTAL 355,000



Facility Address Description Budget $
Fringewood Park Playground 14 Fringewood Drive Replace senior playstructure and play equipment 180,000
West Ridge Park A Playground 20 West Ridge Drive Replace senior playstructure and play equipment 195,000
TOTAL 375,000


For more information, please review the report here.