Rooming House Licensing By-law Review Update

In 2008, Schedule 26 to the Licensing By-law 2002-189 relating to rooming houses was harmonized to apply City-wide, and included definitions of “residential use building”, “rooming house”, “rooming house, converted”, “rooming house owner”, and “rooming unit”.


A couple of issues with respect to rooming house licensing were raised as part of the By-law Review Strategy approved by Council in 2015. This review therefore focuses on those issues, which include: the definition of rooming house, as well as the identification of illegal rooming houses.


As such, public consultations are taking place both in-person and online over the next month to provide residents the opportunity to share their thoughts on the definitions.


An in-person workshop will take place at the McNabb Recreation Centre Assembly Hall on Wednesday, February 21st 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Alternative, an online survey  is available on


Participants are encouraged to review the Discussion Paper to help provide more background on the item.


I do encourage residents to take this opportunity to get involved and voice their ideas in this municipal process. Staff will review the comments received, and report back with recommendations to the Community and Protective Services Committee and Council in June. Thank you.