Meeting Recap: Stittsville Parks Public Information Session for Amberway Park, Blackstone Park, Bryanston Gate Park and William Bradley Park – February 8th


An information session was held on February 8th to review the proposed concept plans for Amberway Park, Blackstone Park, Bryanston Gate Park and William Bradley Park.

Parks are important pieces of infrastructure for our communities – they provide families a place to play, relax, and enjoy time together. With all of the growth in Stittsville, new parks are being regularly developed in our communities while the City continues to invest in existing park infrastructure to ensure that older parks remain maintained and updating to changing trends.


In my comments at the information session, I highlighted how the City ensures parks are accessible for anyone by removing barriers for those in wheelchairs and other mobility devices.  As a member of the City’s Accessible Advisory Committee, I know firsthand how important it is that the City ensures infrastructure is accessible to everyone. Some features you will notice include using woodchip type material instead of sand, installing accessible swings, providing accessible pathways, benches and picnic tables.


The concept plans prepared for these parks are based on existing and anticipated needs by the community as well as accommodating the City’s programming demands. Every park has a specific budget calculated based on the park property size, surrounding population, and other factors. The City will consider requests for additional park features, however in order to accommodate these requests additional funding is required for the removal of some features.  There are some opportunities for funding through the Ward 6 Cash-in-lieu of parkland budget or through community fundraising. The City also has grants available to assist with community fundraising.


At the information session, residents reviewed the concept plans for the new Blackstone Community Park and William Bradley Park, and the updates planned to the existing Amberway and Bryanston Gate Parks. The meeting was a good opportunity to hear feedback from residents on the concept plans. Residents expressed interest in having additional shade and seating provided in the parks, as well as input on specific park features. Members of the Blackstone Fernbank Crossing Community Association also took the time to conduct a survey to gauge interest on park features which residents can view here. I would like to thank the Community Association and members of the community who took the time to share their thoughts in this manner.


For those unable to attend the meeting you can review the presentation and watch the recording of the meeting via Facebook Live.

Stittsville Parks Information Session Presentation

Stittsville Parks Information Session Facebook Live Recording

Information on the proposals including the concept plans are provided in the following articles available below:


Park concept plans will be posted on the City website in bilingual and accessible formats.


Feedback Requested by February 22

The City is interested in receiving feedback from the community on the concept plans for these parks. Let us know if there are additional features you would like included in the parks. For example, in the Bryanston Gate Park plans, there are some optional items noted such as a sand play area, accessible picnic table, and bench.

Please provide comments by February 22 to the following listed staff and my office:

Blackstone Park & William Bradley Park

Jennifer Shepherd, Planner, Parks and Facilities Planning Recreation / 613-580-2424, ext. 13771


Amberway Park & Bryanston Gate Park

Louise Cerveny, Planner, Parks and Facilities Planning Recreation / 613-580-2424, ext. 27806


Shad Qadri, City Councillor, Ward 6 Stittsville  / 613-580-2476