Committee approves $730,000 for Stittsville Infrastructure Projects

Committee approves $730,000 for Stittsville Infrastructure Projects

On February 6, 2018, the City’s Finance and Economic Development Committee approved the staff report and recommendations for the Additional Infrastructure Funding for the Renewal of Tax-Supported Assets.  I am pleased Stittsville will be receiving funding of approximately $730,000 for infrastructure projects.  I look forward to supporting the report and recommendations when it comes forward to City Council on February 14, 2018 for final approval.  For more information please review the report below.

Funding for Renewal of Tax-Supported Assets

Stittsville Infrastructure Projects 


Facility Address Description Budget $
Stittsville Library 1637 Stittsville Main Replace furnaces and A/C units 55,000
Johnny Leroux Stittsville Arena & CC 10 Warner Colpitts Lane Full modernization of elevator 200,000
Maple Grove Depot Office and Garage 1655 Maple Grove Road Replace doors/flooring/repair & repaint walls – pressure washing bay 100,000
TOTAL 355,000



Facility Address Description Budget $
Fringewood Park Playground 14 Fringewood Drive Replace senior playstructure and play equipment 180,000
West Ridge Park A Playground 20 West Ridge Drive Replace senior playstructure and play equipment 195,000
TOTAL 375,000