Stittsville Statistics


Hello Residents,


I wanted to take a moment to share some new statistical data that has been provided to me by the City upon my request. The data analyzes changes in Stittsville’s population from 2006 to 2017 and can be viewed in its entirety here.


Based on the projections currently available at the City, the Ward 6 population can be expected to increase by about 75% from mid-2017 to 2031. This would result in a population of approximately 58,000. Over the same period, households are expected to increase by about 80% to a total of about 21,000. Please note these numbers are from our previous projections and the City is currently working on revised projections.


Ward 6 Highlights – full details provided in attachment

  • Population grew by 65% from mid 2006 to mid 2017 while households increased by 71% over the same period;.
  • The population of the ward is aging (in 2006, 27% of the residents were 50 years of age and older, by 2016 this had increased to 34%);
  • The population of Ward 6 is becoming more diverse (in 2006, 6% of the residents identified themselves as being a visible minority, by 2016 this figure was 13%);
  • Ward 6 is attracting more immigrants (percentage of the population that are immigrants has risen to 15% in 2016, from 12% in 2006);
  • The population is becoming more highly educated, in 2016, 37% had a university certificate, diploma or degree, up 5% from 2006;
  • The housing stock is changing as well, in 2006, 80% of occupied units were single detached, by 2016 this had fallen to 74%.  All other types have increased in share, with row units by 4%.
  • More renters are living in Ward 6, the rental share of units has almost doubled over the 10 years, from 4% to 7%.


With this information, the City is able to better move forward in accommodating the needs of our residents. I encourage all residents to review the document and see for yourselves what other interesting trends have taken place in Stittsville this past decade!